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Getting credit for previous study

1. What is the degree in social work?

It is the qualification for social workers, which replaced the Diploma in Social Work. Successful completion of the programme will give you both a professional qualification and an honours degree.

2. How long does it take to get the qualification?

The degree is worth 480 credit points, which means that if you study two 60 credit point modules each year, you will complete it in four years. However, you can study fewer modules each year and complete the programme over a longer period of time if you prefer. Normally students will be expected to complete within seven years of registration with the Scottish Social Services Council. (All social work students in Scotland have to register with the SSSC before beginning their studies to ensure that they are suitable to undertake social work training).

3. I have previously studied for related qualifications; can I obtain any credit for them?

You can obtain between 60 and 180 credit points for related qualifications. There are two ways of obtaining credit. The usual way is to make a claim to the University at the address below. The arrangements for graduates are slightly different; please read paragraph four below carefully for advice, if you are seeking credit for an existing degree.

4. I have a degree from a UK University; what credit can I obtain?

You are entitled to enter the programme at Stage Two if you have a UK honours or ordinary degree, no matter what subject it is in, or when it was studied. As a graduate we think you have the study skills to absorb information quickly, write essays in an academic style and understand critical debate. You do not need to make a credit transfer claim, simply append a copy of your degree certificate to your application, signed on the reverse by your sponsor, to confirm that they have seen the original. You should register for the Stage Two modules at the same time and the Social Work Co-ordinator, Scotland staff will ensure that you are identified as a graduate entrant. However, if you are not entirely confident about your ability to study at Stage Two straight away you may want to consider doing one of the Stage One modules, K101 or DD102 first.

5. I have a relevant qualification; can I obtain any credit for it?

The University offers credit for a wide range of qualifications in health or social care. Some of those most commonly credited are listed below. If you have a qualification which you think matches the content of Stage One or Stage Two of the degree, but is not on the list it is still worth making a claim. Information about how to do so is given below. If you hold a qualification which does not appear on this list you may still be eligible for credit. Currently relevant qualifications eligible for credit transfer must not be older than 10 years.

6. Can I obtain credit for any of the practice learning courses?

The University does not allow credit beyond Stage Two of the degree and you cannot claim credit for the practice learning modules K216 or K315.

7. What happens if my claim is not successful?

If your claim is not successful, you will have to complete the modules for which you were seeking to claim credit. It is therefore important that you make your claim in good time, in order to ensure that you can register for the appropriate modules.

8. How do I apply?

The Open University has well established procedures for credit transfer; advice about how to apply is available via the Credit transfer office website

We advise that you claim as soon as possible to enable you to plan your studies. Please note that it likely to take up to eight weeks for you to receive a decision regarding the outcome of your claim and may take longer for more complex cases.

It is important that you do not assume that holding one of the qualifications listed automatically entitles you to credit. This can only be achieved by making an application.

Qualification Credit

HNC in Social Care or Health and Social Care with an SVQ3 in Care or in Health and Social Care

120 credit points for Stage One. You join the programme at Stage Two

HNC in Social Sciences

60 credit points for DD102 (you must do K101)

HND in Social Care

120 credit points for the whole of Stage One

HNC in Social Care and S/NVQ 4 in Care or HNC in Social Care and Registered Manager in Health and Social care

120 credit points for the whole of Stage One

RMN (must be linked to a DipHE)

120 credit points for the whole of Stage One

Qualifications eligible for credit transfer must not be older than 10 years.