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Residential schools

The languages residential schools are an integral part of the languages level 2 modules and academically essential, as they provide elements of cultural immersion which can't easily be offered at a distance. Attendance at the school is required. The tuition costs of the Residential School are included in the module fee.

The residential schools take place in February / March each year in Vernon (France), Jena (Germany) and Alicante (Spain).

The overall aim of the Residential Schools is to offer you the opportunity to communicate in French / German / Spanish Spanish as much as possible, and so develop your interactive skills, in particular those of listening and speaking. It also aims at immersing you in the local culture and help you develop your intercultural awareness. The intensive nature of the Residential School will contribute greatly to the achievement of these aims; the programme builds on the content of the modules and will provide a variety of situations in which you will be able to put your language and culture skills into practice, within an environment favourable to the further development of your competence in listening and speaking. It is hoped that you will benefit from discussions with others in your group and with tutors, in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

The programme at the residential schools offers a range of tasks and activities to provide you with the maximum opportunity to practise your communicative skills. The varied activities will involve you in individual, pair and group work. There will also be discussions, talks and visits to places of interest. All teaching and communication from teaching staff will be in the language you’re learning and students will be encouraged to use that language all the time.

Students are not graded on anything that they do at the school, so please relax and enjoy the opportunity of speaking as much French / German / Spanish as you can. Try not to be afraid of making mistakes or be intimidated by others who may appear to be more confident than you.

If you are a disabled student or have special requirements, we can provide additional support to enable you to attend the Residential School.

If you have difficulties meeting the cost of attending the residential school, you may be eligible for a grant.

If you are still unable to attend the Residential School, you will need to apply for excusal and permission to register for the online Alternative Learning Experience (ALE). 

Student feedback:

Naturally some students are quite anxious about attending their first residential school. However, by the end of the week most enthuse about the experience they've had:

"I didn't want to go at first but being a full-time student for a week was a totally exhilarating experience."

I didn't want to go at first but being a full-time student for a week was a totally exhilarating experience.

Residential School student feedback

The residential school was absolutely fantastic, the pace and variety of work being interesting and fun, a good mix of group classroom work and going out into the community.

French Residential School student

If you are able, I would highly recommend attending the residential school in Spain. The whole experience was first class. The tutors could not do enough to help. Fellow students and the academic and social experience was far better than I had hoped for. Fantastic.

Read more Spanish Residential School student

Below are some short videos recorded at the end of the Spanish residential school in Alicante.

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