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Dr Aravinda Meera Guntupalli

Aravinda Guntupalli

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer, Public Health
  • Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies
  • School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care
  • Health and Social Care
  • aravinda.guntupalli


Prevalence and correlates of depressive disorders in people with Type 2 diabetes: results from the International Prevalence and Treatment of Diabetes and Depression (INTERPRET‐DD) study, a collaborative study carried out in 14 countries (2018-06)
Lloyd, C. E.; Nouwen, A.; Sartorius, N.; Ahmed, H. U.; Alvarez, A.; Bahendeka, S.; Basangwa, D.; Boborov, A. E.; Boden, S.; Bulgari, V.; Burti, L.; Chaturvedi, S. K.; Cimino, L. C.; Gaebel, W.; de Girolamo, G.; Gondek, T. M.; Guinzbourg de Braude, M.; Guntupalli, A.; Heinze, M. G.; Ji, L.; Hong, X.; Khan, A.; Kiejna, A.; Kokoszka, A.; Kamala, T.; Lalic, N. M.; Lecic Tosevski, D.; Mankovsky, B.; Li, M.; Musau, A.; Mussig, K.; Ndetei, D.; Rabbani, G.; Srikanta, S. S.; Starostina, E. G.; Shevchuk, M.; Taj, R.; Vukovic, O.; Wolwer, W. and Xin, Y.
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Climate effects and stature since 1800 (2018)
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Asian Population Studies, 14(1) (pp. 77-95)
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Balogun, Saliu Adejumobi and Guntupalli, Aravinda Meera
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Parental Childhood Growth and Offspring Birthweight: Pooled Analyses from Four Birth Cohorts in Low and Middle Income Countries (2015-01)
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Maternal height and child growth patterns (2013-08)
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The 'cultural inflation of morbidity' during the English mortality decline: a new look (2011-12)
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Prediction of body-fat percentage from skinfold and bio-impedance measurements in Indian school children (2011-12)
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Journal of Biosocial Science, 43(6) (pp. 701-715)
Women’s autonomy, contraceptive use and fertility: a comparative study of tribal and non-tribal women in India (2008-01)
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Active Ageing Index (AAI) in India: Is the Approach Used in European Countries Applicable to Developing Countries? (2018-02-08)
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Short Women and Their Stagnating Growth: A Study of Biological Welfare and Inequality of Women in Postcolonial India (2014)
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ISBN : 9781118504208 | Publisher : Wiley
India and global health governance: past, present, and future (2012-12-11)
Guntupalli, Aravinda Meera and Nachiappan, Karthik
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Sickness Insurance and Welfare Reform in England and Wales, 1870-1914 (2012-08-01)
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ISBN : 978-1848931893 | Publisher : Pickering & Chatto
Is there a Relation between Fatness and Reproductive Health? A Study on Body Mass Index and Reproductive Health of Indian Women (2011-07)
Guntupalli, Aravinda Meera
In: Unnithan-Kumar, Maya and Tremayne, Soraya eds. Fatness and the Maternal Body: Women's Experiences of Corporeality and the Shaping of Social Policy. Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality: Social and Cultural Perspectives (pp. 188-204)
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Guntupalli, Aravinda Meera and Moradi, Alexander
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Qualitative Research on Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS with Mumbai Sex Workers (2008-10-01)
Guntupalli, Aravinda Meera
In: Sridhar, Devi ed. Anthropologists Inside Organisations: South Asian Case Studies (pp. 36-54)
ISBN : 9788178298863 | Publisher : Sage Publications
Nutritional transition in India: a special focus on severe malnutrition and increasing obesity (2007)
Guntupalli, Aravinda Meera
In: Hussain, Azmal ed. Managing Overweight and Obesity
ISBN : 9788131408278 | Publisher : ICFAI
Role of social anthropology in the study of HIV/AIDS in the context of globalization (2005)
Guntupalli, Aravinda Meera
In: Misra, Kamal K. ed. Anthropology: New Global Order and Other Essays
ISBN : 978-8180692017 | Publisher : Concept Publishing | Published : New Delhi, India
Reproductive behavior of tribal women in Madhya Pradesh (2003)
Meera, A.; Nangia, P. and Roy, T. K.
In: Adak, Dipak Kumar; Bhattacharya, Biswanath; Ghosh, Rohini; Pal, Manoranjan; Bharati, Premanand and Vasulu, T. S. eds. Demography and Health Profile of the Tribals
ISBN : 9788126114757 | Publisher : Anmol
Active ageing index in India: Is the UNECE approach applicable to developing countries? (2015)
Guntupalli, Aravinda and Chakraborty, Suchandrima
In : UNECE, Active Ageing Conference, (16-17 Apr, Brussels)


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