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Dr Chetz Colwell

Profile summary

  • Academic Related Staff
  • Senior LTD Manager (Accessibility)
  • Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies
  • LTIA
  • Research Strategy and Academic Operations
  • chetz.colwell

Professional biography

My role is to support OU web and software developers in making their materials accessible to students with disabilities, and to conduct research on the accessibility of new technologies.  I conduct 'expert' accessibility evaluations of web sites and module materials using a range of assistive technologies, browser settings and operating system settings.  I also conduct face to face evaluations with disabled students in the Jennie Lee labs.

I am also co-chair of the module Accessible online learning: supporting disabled students (H810) which forms part of the MA in Online and Distance Education.


Useful links

WebAIM. Web Accessibility In Mind: Tutorials and Resources, including the accessibility of PDF, HTML, captioning, Powerpoint, Javascript etc.

Jisc Techdis. The UK’s leading advisory service on technology and inclusion.




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OU student wins Care Apprentice Award

Heather always wanted to be a mental health nurse, having worked as a carer for a number of years. When she was given the chance by her employer to study for an Open University course in Health Care Practise, she grabbed the opportunity. Earlier this year, Heather was awarded the Care Apprentice Award at the National Care Awards, as Carers Week begins, she talks about her journey with The OU.

10th June 2019
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