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Dr Ian Eyres

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer (Education)
  • Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies
  • School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport
  • Education
  • ian.eyres

Professional biography

Ian Eyres is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the Open University, where he currently works mostly on Primary and Early Years modules. His wide-ranging work in the fields of language in primary education and teacher development has included research and teaching in both literacy and second language learning. He has been involved in a number of international education projects in South Asia, Africa and South America. Until recently he played a leading role in a long-term project to improve the quality of English teaching in government schools across Bangladesh, where he also played a major part in the development of a new national initial teacher education programme. Much of his work has focused on the development of teachers’ expertise within their own classrooms.

Research interests

Primary education; English language teaching and learning; second language teaching and learning; writing and identity

Teaching interests

Primary and early years education; subject knowledge (language); literacy; comparative education

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
CREET: Educational Studies Research ClusterClusterFaculty of Education and Language Studies


Language learning at Key Stage 2: findings from a longitudinal study (2012-09)
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'They call me wonder woman': the job jurisdictions and workplace learning of higher level teaching assistants (2010)
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'Whoops, I forgot David’ – children’s perceptions of the adults who work in their classrooms (2004-09)
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Early Years: An International Journal of Research and Development, 24(2) (pp. 149-162)
Professional writers’ identities: the perceived influence of formal education and early learning (2017)
Cremin, Teresa; Lillis, Theresa; Myhill, Debra and Eyres, Ian
In: Cremin, Teresa and Locke, Terry eds. Writer identity and the teaching and learning of writing (pp. 19-36)
ISBN : 9781138948907 | Publisher : Routledge
Conceptualising writing and identity (2016-11-22)
Eyres, Ian
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Fighting the fuzzies; working together on classroom observation in the nursery school (2004-12-18)
Eyres, Ian
In: Hancock, Roger and Collins, Janet eds. Primary Teaching Assistants: Learners and Learning (pp. 93-100)
ISBN : 9781853469770 | Publisher : David Fulton Publishers Ltd | Published : London, U.K.
Exploring the value of action research methodologies; three case studies (2001-10-19)
Devereux, Jane; Eyres, Ian and Price, Mike
In: Banks, Frank and Shelton Mayes, Ann eds. Early Professional Development for Teachers (pp. 345-363)
ISBN : 9781853467929 | Publisher : David Fulton Publishers Ltd | Published : London, U.K.
The developmental writing programme (1998-03-12)
Eyres, Ian
In: Bearne, Eve ed. Making progress in English (pp. 87-90)
ISBN : 9780415159968 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : London, U.K.
From education to health: lessons from cross-disciplinary teaching, research and development activity, in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa (2013-09)
Power, Tom; Long, Lesley Anne and Eyres, Ian
In : 12th UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development: Education and Development Post 2015: Reflecting, Reviewing, Re-visioning (10-12 September 2013, Oxford, UK)
Literacy policy and the teaching of writing. Further evidence of a discursive shift in the primary literacy curriculum? (2008)
Soler, J. and Eyres, I.
In : BERA Annual Conference (3-6 Sep 2008, Heriot-Watt University, UK)
Interchangeable teachers? A study of three English primary teachers teaching writing (2008)
Eyres, I.
In : BERA Annual Conference (3-6 Sep 2008, Herit Watt University)
Teaching assistants and support for literacy and language development (2006-09)
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In : BERA Annual Conference (06-09 Sep 2006, University of Warwick)
Assessing aesthetic aspects of english barriers to access and achievement paper (2005)
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In : European Conference of Educational Research (ECER) (7-10 September 2005, University College Dublin)
Including teaching assistants (2004)
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In : BERA Annal Conference (16-18 Sept 2004, University of Leeds)
Children's perceptions of teaching assistants: role, responsibilities and contribution to school life and learning (2004)
Cable, C.; Eyres, I.; Hancock, R. and Turner, J.
In : BERA Annual Conference (13-15th Sep 2004, University of Leeds)
Ethnic minority students in intial teacher training: issues in support (2001)
Devereux, Jane; Bird, Elizabeth and Eyres, Ian
In : BERA Annual Conference (13-15 September, 2001, Leeds, U.K.)
Ethnic minority students in part-time, distance-learning initial teacher training (2000-09)
Bird, Elizabeth and Eyres, Ian
In : BERA Annual Conference (7-10th September 2000, Cardiff University)
Alternative routes and ethnicity: ethnic minority students in part-time distance learning (2000)
Bird, E. and Eyres, I.
In : BERA Annual Conference (7-9 September 2000, University of Cardiff)
Teachers as Writers research report (2018)
Cremin, Teresa; Myhill, Debra; Eyres, Ian; Nash, Tricia; Wilson, Anthony and Oliver, Lucy
English language and social and economic opportunity: Case studies of underprivileged school-leavers (2015)
Solly, Michael; Rahman, Shajedur and Eyres, Ian
Cambridge Education, Cambridge.
English Proficiency Assessments of Primary and Secondary Teachers and Students Participating in English in Action: Second Cohort (2013) (2014-12)
Eyres, Ian; Power, Tom; McCormick, Robert and Burton, Sonia
English in Action, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
English Proficiency Assessments of Primary and Secondary Teachers and Students Participating in EIA (Study 3a) (2012)
McCormick, Robert; Eyres, Ian and Burton, Sonia
English in Action (EIA), Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Languages and Learning at Key Stage 2: A Longitudinal Study Final Report (2010-01)
Cable, C.; Driscoll, P.; Mitchell, R.; Sing, S.; Cremin, T.; Earl, J.; Eyres, I.; Holmes, B.; Martin, C. and Heins, B.
Department for Children, Schools and Families, UK.
The changing face of the teaching profession (2004)
Eyres, Ian and Hancock, R.


Jenny Simpson

Learning from people: the training method bringing service users and social workers together

Jenny Simpson, Head of Social Work (England), as well as students and staff at the OU are involved in an exciting development in relation to social work education. Mend the Gap is a model for the effective involvement of people who are at the receiving end of services, together with those who provide professional support. Read more about Mend the Gap here

18th April 2018
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