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How social work students develop the skill of professional judgement: Implications for practice educators (2021-01-24)
Rawles, Joanna
Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, 17, Article 1(3) (pp. 10-30)

Developing Social Work Professional Judgment Skills: Enhancing Learning in Practice by Researching Learning in Practice (2016)
Rawles, Joanna
Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 36(1) (pp. 102-122)

Whose students are they anyway? (2015)
Rawles, Joanna
The Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, 11(3) (pp. 59-78)

Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice (2020-03)
Rawles, Joanna
In: Parker, Jonathan ed. Introducing Social Work (pp. 102-112)
ISBN : 9781526463364 | Publisher : Sage | Published : London

The 'Missing Bit' - Emotional Intelligence as Counterbalance to Managerialism (2014-03-26)
Rawles, Joanna
In: Hessle, Sven ed. Global Social Transformation and Social Action: The Role of Social Workers. Social Work - Social Development (pp. 178-182)
ISBN : 978-1472417954 | Publisher : Ashgate