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Dr Lluisa Astruc


Accessibility of Open Educational Resources: how well are they suited for English learners? (2020-05-28)
Rets, Irina; Coughlan, Tim; Stickler, Ursula and Astruc, Lluïsa
Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning ((Early Access))

An exploratory study of translanguaging practices in an online beginners' foreign language classroom (2017-05-24)
Adinolfi, Lina and Astruc, Lluïsa
Language Learning in Higher Education. Journal of the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (CercleS), 7(1) (pp. 185-204)

Intonational phonology and politeness in L1 and L2 Spanish (2016-05-01)
Astruc, Lluïsa and del Mar Vanrell, Maria
Probus, 28(1) (pp. 91-118)

Cost of the action and social distance affect the selection of question intonation in Catalan (2016-03-31)
Astruc, Lluisa; Vanrell, Maria del Mar and Prieto, Pilar
In: Armstrong, Meghan E.; Henriksen, Nicholas and Vanrell, Maria del Mar eds. Intonational Grammar in Ibero-Romance: Approaches across linguistic subfields (pp. 91-114)
ISBN : 9789027258052 | Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing Company