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Professor Natalia Kucirkova

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Digital literacies and children’s personalized books: Locating the 'self' (2020)
Kucirkova, Natalia and Mackey, Margaret
London Review of Education, 18(2)

Socio-material directions for developing empirical research on children’s e-reading: A systematic review and thematic synthesis of the literature across disciplines (2020)
Kucirkova, Natalia
Journal of Early Childhood Literacy ((Online First))

The Distance between the 'Self' and the 'Other' in Children's Digital Books (2020)
Kucirkova, Natalia and Littleton, Karen
Frontiers in Psychology ((In Press))

Children’s agency by design: Design parameters for personalization in story-making apps (2019-09)
Kucirkova, Natalia
International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction, 21 (pp. 112-120)

‘It Brings it all Back, all those Good Times; it Makes Me Go Close to Tears’. Creating Digital Personalised Stories with People who have Dementia (2019-04-01)
Critten, Valerie and Kucirkova, Natalia
Dementia, 18(3) (pp. 864-881)

How Could Children’s Storybooks Promote Empathy? A Conceptual Framework Based on Developmental Psychology and Literary Theory (2019)
Kucirkova, Natalia
Frontiers in Psychology, 10

Evaluating the effectiveness of an educational programming intervention on children’s mathematics skills, spatial awareness and working memory (2018-11)
Messer, David; Thomas, Lucy; Holliman, Andrew and Kucirkova, Natalia
Education and Information Technologies, 23(6) (pp. 2879-2888)

The influence of children’s gender and age on children’s use of digital media at home (2018-04-10)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Littleton, Karen and Kyparissiadis, Antonios
British Journal of Educational Technology, 49(3) (pp. 545-559)

Storytelling and story-acting: co-construction in action (2018-03-01)
Cremin, Teresa; Flewitt, Rosie; Swann, Joan; Faulkner, Dorothy and Kucirkova, Natalia
Journal of Early Childhood Research, 16(1) (pp. 3-17)

Dimensions of personalisation in technology-enhanced learning: a framework and implications for design (2018-01-10)
FitzGerald, Elizabeth; Kucirkova, Natalia; Jones, Ann; Cross, Simon; Ferguson, Rebecca; Herodotou, Christothea; Hillaire, Garron and Scanlon, Eileen
British Journal of Educational Technology, 49(1) (pp. 165-181)

Personalised reading for pleasure with digital libraries: Towards a pedagogy of practice and design (2018)
Kucirkova, Natalia and Cremin, Teresa
Cambridge Journal of Education, 48(5) (pp. 571-589)

A literature synthesis of personalised technology-enhanced learning: what works and why (2018)
FitzGerald, Elizabeth; Jones, Ann; Kucirkova, Natalia and Scanlon, Eileen
Research in Learning Technology, 26, Article 2095

Digital learning hubs: theoretical and practical ideas for innovating massive open online courses (2017)
Kucirkova, Natalia and Littleton, Karen
Learning, Media and Technology, 42(3) (pp. 324-330)

Young children’s reading for pleasure with digital books: six key facets of engagement (2017)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Littleton, Karen and Cremin, Teresa
Cambridge Journal of Education, 47(1) (pp. 67-84)

Developing personalised education for personal mobile technologies with the pluralisation agenda (2017)
Kucirkova, Natalia and Littleton, Karen
Oxford Review of Education, 43(3) (pp. 276-288)

A Vygotskian perspective on parent-child talk during iPad story sharing (2015-11-30)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Sheehy, Kieron and Messer, David
Journal of Research in Reading, 38(4) (pp. 428-441)

Child-Father creative text-making at home with crayons, iPad, collage & PC (2015-09)
Kucirkova, N. and Sakr, M.
Thinking Skills and Creativity, 17 (pp. 59-73)

Book Review: The thinking teacher (2015-06-10)
Kucirkova, Natalia
Journal of Education for Teaching: International Research and Pedagogy, 41(4) (pp. 451-452)

Story-Making with iPad Apps: Baking Stories in the 21st Century (2015-03)
Kucirkova, Natalia

Story-making on the iPad when children have complex needs: two case studies (2014-11)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Messer, David; Critten, Val and Harwood, Jane
Communication Disorders Quarterly, 36(1) (pp. 44-54)

The effects of personalization on young children's spontaneous speech during shared book reading (2014-09)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Messer, David and Sheehy, Kieron
Journal of Pragmatics, 71 (pp. 45-55)

iPads in early years, separating assumptions and evidence (2014-07-07)
Kucirkova, Natalia
Frontiers in Psychology, 5, Article 715

Spot the Dog; with iPads: spot the difference! (2014-07)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Willans, Deb and Cremin, Teresa
English 4-11, 51 (pp. 11-14)

Reading personalized books with preschool children enhances their word acquisition (2014-06)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Messer, David and Sheehy, Kieron
First Language, 34(3) (pp. 227-243)

Personalization in mother-child emotion talk across three contexts (2014-03)
Kucirkova, Natalia and Tompkins, Virginia
Infant and Child Development, 23(2) (pp. 153-169)

Children's engagement with educational iPad apps: insights from a Spanish classroom (2014-02-28)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Messer, David; Sheehy, Kieron and Fernandez-Panadero, Carmen
Computers & Education, 71 (pp. 175-184)

iPads in early years and foundation classrooms (2014-01)
Kucirkova, Natalia
Teach Nursery, 5(1)

Touching the virtual, touching the real: iPads and enabling literacy for students with learning disabilities. (2014)
Flewitt, Rosie; Kucirkova, Natalia and Messer, David
Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 37(2) (pp. 107-116)

How can iPad apps enrich psychology research? (2014)
Kucirkova, Natalia
Psychology Teaching Review, 20(2) (pp. 121-125)

Children interacting with books on iPads: research chapters still to be written (2013-12-24)
Kucirkova, Natalia
Frontiers in Psychology, 4, Article 995

Sharing personalized stories on iPads: a close look at one parent-child interaction (2013-11)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Messer, David; Sheehy, Kieron and Flewitt, Rosie
Literacy, 47(3) (pp. 115-122)

iPads in early education (2013-01)
Kucirkova, Natalia
Early Years Educator, 14(9) (pp. 24-26)

Parents reading with their toddlers: the role of personalisation in book engagement (2012)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Messer, David and Whitelock, Denise
Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 13(4) (pp. 445-470)

Sharing personalised books: a practical solution to the challenges posed by home book reading interventions (2010-09)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Messer, David and Whitelock, Denise
Literacy Information & Computer Education Journal, 1(3) (pp. 263-272)

iPads and Tablets in the Classroom: Personalising Children’s Stories (2014)
Kucirkova, Natalia
ISBN : 978-1-897638-90-3 | Publisher : UKLA | Published : Leicester

Investigating the effectiveness of the Our Story App to increase children’s narrative skills: Lessons learnt from one English preschool classroom (2019-05-06)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Messer, David J. and Sheehy, Kieron
In: Veneziano, Edy and Nicolopoulou, Ageliki eds. Narrative, Literacy and Other Skills: Studies in intervention. Studies in Narrative (25) (pp. 265-281)
ISBN : 9789027262912 | Publisher : John Benjamins

Digital and new technologies: Research tools and questions (2016-06-03)
Messer, David and Kucirkova, Natalia
In: Prior, Jess and Van Herwegen, Jo eds. Practical Research with Children (pp. 264-284)
ISBN : 9781138937888 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon

Deti ako autori vlastnych kniziek na ipadoch: Hl'Adanie strednej cesty(Children as authors of their own iPad books: searching for a balance (2012)
Kucirkova, Natalia; Messer, David and Sheehy, Kieron
In: Miňová, Monika ed. Predprimárne vzdelávanie v súčasnosti (pp. 285-298)
ISBN : 978-80-555-0703-3 | Publisher : Presovska univerzita v Presove, Pedagogic fakulta. Slovensky vybor Svetovej organizacie pre predskolsku vychovu | Published : Presove, Slovakia

Our Story - Eine App zur Herstellung von Bilderund Geschichtenbüchern [Our Story - an app for creating digital picture books] (2012)
Kucirkova, Natalia
In: Brinkmann, Erika and Valtin, Renate eds. Lesen- und Schreibenlernen mit digitalen Medien [Reading and writing learning with digital media] (pp. 92-101)
ISBN : 978-3-9809663-4-4 | Publisher : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lesen und Schreiben | Published : Berlin

Towards truly transformative technology-enhanced education (2015-06-09)
Kucirkova, Natalia
In : Using Technology in Education (09 Jun 2015, London) (pp. 75-77)

Parents' and Childrens' Engagement When Sharing Personalised Books (2011-01-05)
Kucirkova, Natalia
mres thesis The Open University

How can digital library systems help teachers support-children's reading for pleasure (2017-10-09)
Kucirkova, Natalia and Cremin, Teresa
IOE London Blog, UCL, London.

Evaluation Report of MakeBelieve Arts Helicopter Technique of Storytelling and Storyacting (2013-07-14)
Cremin, Teresa; Swann, Joan; Flewitt, Rosie; Faulkner, Dorothy and Kucirkova, Natalia
MakeBelieveArts/The Open University