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Carer Research and Knowledge Exchange Network (CAREN)

A freely accessible network based on an independent, searchable database of carer-related research and evidence for use by stakeholders across the world. CAREN has an international management team.

Carers research collaborative network

This has a worldwide membership and enables researchers, carers, service users, third sector organisations, practitioners and policy makers to share information on the evidence base for carer services, research and policy.

Care and caring network @OU

This network is the first of its kind in a UK HEI. Membership is open to anyone employed by The Open University (OU). Comprising four groups (each with their own chair) this network encourages knowledge exchange around care and promotes caring, carers rights and carer-related policy development within the OU.

The intention is to extend membership beyond the OU in the longer term, however at present the network is for Open University staff only:

Carer research and knowledge

This project's main focus is a comprehensive review of national and international carer-related knowledge and evidence.