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We are focused on current and emergent global challenges. How can people be enabled to realise their potential, lead healthy, fulfilling lives, create inclusive societies, and thrive in the context of change and uncertainty? For example, in the REF 2014 exercise we provided evidenced to show that we have:

Transformed Global Mobile Learning Practice

Research into the relationships between learner and mobile technologies and the ways these interact to advance understanding has led to partnerships with key international organisations such as eXact Learning, Nokia, UNESCO, The Pearson Foundation and DfID which has resulted in the development of a range of innovative mobile learning tools, applications and resources that have been used by thousands of learners worldwide.

Changed teacher’s understanding of reading

Research into teachers’ knowledge of children’s literature and the diversity of children’s informal multimedia reading practices led to a change in how teachers facilitated reading for pleasure which in turn improved attitudes to reading amongst pupils.

Increased participation in science learning

Research into how participation in science learning can be increased in quality and reach by technologies shifted how young people and adults understand the scientific process and increased their engagement in science learning.

Shaped open education policy and practice

Research into how Open Educational Resources (OER) can achieve their transformative effect and how their potential may be realised and extended has influenced national and international OER programmes funded by organisations such as Hewlett Foundation, HEA and JISC.