Q and A

29 June 2011
Black Women’s Health and Wellbeing in the UK

Session 1
Jenny Douglas (Open University) – 'The politics of black women's health in the UK-intersections of 'race', class and gender in policy, practice and research.
Dr Dawn Edge(Manchester University) – 'Why are thou cast down, o my soul' – Black women, depression and spirituality.
Naomi Watson (Open University) – 'We never saw her on Christmas morning for …17 years….' Exploring the impact of shift work, night duty and unsocial hours in the NHS on the family life of African Caribbean women nurses and the implications for childrearing and their children’s career choices.

Session 2
Ann Mitchell (Open University) – ''Assessing the contribution of participatory action research 'Myth or Reality': a research study of Guyanese women living in the UK with Type 11 Diabetes.
Dr Vivienne Connell-Hall (Goldsmith’s College) Work/Life Balance and Pressures: Perspectives from African Caribbean Women.

Session 3
Dr Bertha Ochieng (Bradford University) Black women's beliefs on health and healthy lifestyles.
Dr Nancy Greer Williams (University of Arkansas) Health Disparities: African-Caribbean Women and the Intersection of Culture, Class and Race.
Jacqueline Walker (author of 'Pilgrim State') 'Writing the experience of resistance and Resilience'.

Black woman, black and white photo, in profile