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Mental health

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With up to a quarter of us likely to experience mental health problems at some time in our lives, mental health is everybody’s business – and it’s a fascinating and challenging subject to study, whether your interest is personal or professional.

How do we define mental health or illness? What’s the best way to help? How have treatments and attitudes changed over the years, and what are the current concerns and debates? What about the people who use services – how are their voices heard, to bring about positive change in their care and the way that others see them?

This short audio clip describes how mental health care has evolved over the last century

The Open University offers a range of modules and qualifications designed to lift the lid on this complex, fast moving and sometimes controversial area of health and social care: characterised by diverse views, intense emotion and experience, power and powerlessness, and inclusion and exclusion.

You will find yourself studying alongside all sorts of health and social care professionals from general and specialist areas – including nursing, social work and education – and you will hear from many more as you work through the multi-media study materials.

But at the heart of everything you learn will be the people who matter most in all of this – the service users, carers and practitioners, who take an active role in producing our course materials, helping to drive positive change in practice and service provision.

Dr Mathijs Lucassen talks about the use of e-therapies in adolescent mental health

Courses in mental health

Level 1
Perspectives in health and social care (K118)

Level 2
Mental health and community (K240)

Level 3
Approaches to mental health (K314)