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Youth justice

Young people at a railway station

Did you know that in England and Wales we have tended to lock up more children and young people than almost any other country in Europe? Is that because we have some of the worst behaved and most criminal young people in Europe? Or is it because we deal with them differently? It makes you wonder, are young people victims or villains? Little angels or little devils?

If you study youth justice with us you will take a closer look at these types of issues.

Our youth justice modules use all kinds of media, printed learning guides, books and online learning activities to lead you through the different subject areas. We mix face-to-face tuition at day schools and tutorials with online forums and you will be supported by a tutor. You also get to use special learning tools called Professional Development Resources, designed by The Open University for the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales and Ministry of Justice. These are used by youth justice practitioners and combine video, audio and interactive animations around specific youth justice topics.

Whether you currently work with young people, want to do so in future, or are simply interested in how society deals with young people and crime, The Open University’s youth justice qualification can open doors for you.