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About us

Professional with case notes

Knowledge and experience from across the care profession

They are active in research, regularly publishing in scholarly journals but also providing expert comment and articles to the press. Our work with the BBC includes several award-winning popular documentaries.

Transforming lives through education

The School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care aims to use education and research to change lives.

We have over 70 academics and a regional network that has close connections with local employers across the UK. For over three decades we’ve supported students from all walks of life and helped bring about real change in their lives.

  • Our short courses can help practitioners improve their skills, which in turn improves the service user’s experience.
  • We can help employers ensure their staff feel motivated, valued and up to date.
  • Our courses can also help carers, service users and those with an interest in the field to develop the understanding needed to make changes in their lives.

Grounded in research, focused on improving practice

To offer a learning experience that reflects current practice, policy and research, each course is developed by a team of academic experts working closely with practitioners, employers, service users and carers.

Key professional bodies, service providers and skills frameworks are consulted. External consultants are brought in to develop specialist material. The result is a study experience that is grounded in the latest research and policy but focused on understanding and improving the experience of practice.

Accessible and active learning

Short courses are designed to be accessible to people from all walks of life. The academic team works with specialist consultants and media production experts, who are skilled in creating compelling audio, video and interactive online learning resources. Whether you’re an employer or employee, you can be confident we’ll deliver an engaging and rewarding learning experience.

Ensuring the best possible quality

All course materials are critically read by academic experts, tested with students and endorsed by a senior and recognised leader in the field from outside the university to make sure the materials are of the very best possible quality. The standard of the learning experience is closely monitored with ongoing surveys and reviews.