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Book 1: Creativity in Language

Language and creativity books

Series editor: Philip Seargeant

Creativity in Language: from Everyday Style to Verbal Art, edited by Zsófia Demjén and Philip Seargeant, explores the fundamental role played by creativity in the way we express ourselves in all walks of life: from workplace humour and twitter chats to high literary art. It looks at how linguistic creativity is produced, the effects it has, and how we can go about studying it.

The book examines the techniques and analysis of creative uses of language, and how words combine with visuals and images in communication and expression. It moves beyond traditional approaches to the topic by considering creativity from the perspective of a variety of disciplines – language studies, creative writing, translation studies, literary studies, and visual communication – showing how language is manipulated for particular effects in different contexts.

E302 book cover 1 Creativity in language: from everyday style to verbal art

Drawing on the latest research and The Open University’s wide experience of writing accessible and innovative texts, this book:

  • clearly explains basic concepts and ideas
  • contains a range of source material and commissioned readings to supplement chapters
  • includes contributions from leading experts in their fields including Guy Cook, Sharon Goodman, Frank Monaghan, Derek Neale, David Peplow and Elena Semino
  • has a truly international scope, encompassing examples and case studies from the UK and North America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia
  • is illustrated in full colour to bring the fascinating study of language and creativity to life.

Creativity in Language: from Everyday Style to Verbal Art is essential reading for all students of English language studies.

Available to purchase soon.