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Language and creativity books

Series editor: Philip Seargeant


Creativity plays a fundamental role in how we negotiate all aspects of our lives. It is understood to be part of our very humanity. The books in this series provide an in-depth introduction to creativity in the English language. They look at what linguistic creativity is, how it is used, and the range of issues that it raises, in everyday contexts, in literature and in ‘high’ culture. Creativity is shown to fulfil a range of social, cultural, artistic and political functions, for examples in narratives and narrative practices that are changing in the era of digital media, and in the ways the global status of English is altering both the nature of linguistic practices and what is evaluated as creative around the world.


E302 book cover 1 Creativity in language: from everyday style to verbal art
E302 book cover 2 Narrative, language and creativity: contemporary approaches
E302 book cover 3 The politics of language and creativity in a globalised world