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Book 2: Narrative, Language and Creativity

Language and creativity books

Series editor: Philip Seargeant

Narrative, Language and Creativity: Contemporary Approaches, edited by Janet Maybin, explores recent developments in studies of narrative and creativity. Chapters use different disciplinary lenses to explore the construction of stories and their personal, social and political consequences in social life. Building on contextual, multimodal approaches to language and creativity, authors address key themes of identity, authenticity, imagination and critique.

The book brings together recent work in narrative studies, for instance on the dynamics of small stories in face-to-face and online conversations and the migration of narrative material across media, with emerging research in sociolinguistics, discourse studies and creative writing. Authors examine authentic examples of stories and narrative performances ranging from young people’s imaginary worlds, music videos and social media posts to corporate founding myths, HIV narratives, verbatim theatre and trans-cultural translations and adaptation.

E302 book cover 2 Narrative, language and creativity: contemporary approaches

Drawing on the latest research and The Open University’s wide experience of writing accessible and innovative texts, this book:

  • clearly explains basic concepts and ideas
  • contains a range of source material to supplement chapters
  • includes contributions from leading experts in their fields including Zsófia Demjén, Fiona Doloughan, Rosie Flewitt, Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Heather Richardson, Corinne Squire and Caroline Tagg
  • has a truly international scope, encompassing examples and case studies from the UK and Europe, North America, the Middle East, South Africa and China
  • is illustrated in full colour to bring the fascinating study of language and creativity to life.

Narrative, Language and Creativity: Contemporary Approaches is essential reading for all students of English language studies.

Available to purchase soon.