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Dr Alison Twycross

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Effectiveness of empathy education for undergraduate nursing students (2021-09-22)
Twycross, Alison and Barrett, David
Evidence Based Nursing, 24(4) (p 119)

Living with long Covid: some reflections 14 months down the line (2021)
Twycross, Alison
Evidence Based Nursing ((Early Access))

Student mental health and well-being: are universities doing enough? (2020-03-24)
Barrett, David and Twycross, Alison
Evidence-Based Nursing, 23 (pp. 33-34)

Understanding the toolbox: A mixed methods study of attitudes, barriers and facilitators in parental intervention of children’s cancer pain at home (2020)
Parker, Roses S; McKeever, Stephen; Twycross, Alison and Wiseman, Theresa
Journal of Child Health Care ((Early access))

Manifestation and parental assessment of children’s cancer pain at home: an exploratory mixed methods study (2020)
Parker, Roses S; Wiseman, Theresa; Twycross, Alison and McKeever, Stephen
Journal of Clinical Nursing ((Early access))

Using ways of knowing in nursing to develop educational strategies that support knowledge mobilization (2020)
Swift, Amelia and Twycross, Alison
Paediatric and Neonatal Pain, 2(4) (pp. 139-147)