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Mrs Cathy Baldwin

Cathy Baldwin

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am trained as a secondary school teacher with a degree in Literature from the Open University (BA Hons First Class), a PGCE in secondary English from the University of Reading, and an MA in the Advanced Teaching of Shakespeare (with distinction) from Warwick University. I am currently a full-time doctoral research student at the Open University, researching how secondary school students respond to an education programme at Shakespeare's Globe in London. I have researched in four London state secondary schools with over 800 students aged 13-14 years old (Year 9) who attended a production of "Much Ado About Nothing" in March 2018, asking them what they think about studying Shakespeare in school, and how seeing the production at Shakespeare's Globe might help them with their future studies of Shakespeare's plays.

Research interests

I am particularly interested in offering young people the opportunity to speak about their experiences of education through qualitative research, which allows them to use their own words to express their various ideas and opinions. My work is framed by sociocultural theory and I believe that trying to understand social and cultural contexts is a vital element of understanding the meanings made by young people as they reflect on their experiences. My research in London secondary schools has also led to an interest in how schools afford financial inclusion for students living in poverty.

External collaborations

My doctoral research is conducted with Shakespeare's Globe.