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Dr Gill Clough

Gill Clough

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Professional biography

I have worked in research at the OU since 2009 on a range of Educational Technology projects including the PI Project, xDelia, JuxtaLearn and currently the Centre for Policing Research and Learning, and the OU/Policing Consortium.

The Police Consortium consists (Feb 2017) of 17 member police forces from across the UK and nations, and I am working with officers and staff at all levels on knowledge exchange activities called Evidence Cafes. Evidence Cafes last 2-3 hours during which academics connect up with frontline police officers and open up their research findings to scrutinee from people with very real practical experience. This makes policing research all the more 'real' for the police for whom it is intended, and gives academics and researchers som frank and honest feedback from experts in practice. Both officers and academics emerge from these events with insights into each others' worlds. 

Research interests

My main research interests are location-aware mobile technologies, social technologies and the implications they have on how we learn in a digital age.

I currently work as a  Research Fellow working on Evidence Cafés with the Center for Policing Research and Learning. Translating research evidence into policing practice. Evidence Cafés are an opportunity for knowledge exchange. Academics engaged in policing research report back on Consortium or Centre research or on topics of interest to Consortium members and officers discuss evidence based policing and the challenges of translating research evidence into practice. The Cafés aim to stimulate discussion, disseminate research, collect and collate feedback from participants and develop research engagement among police officers. 

I created a short, 2 minute video from one of our early Evidence Cafes held in at Weymouth Police HQ.

My previous research project, JuxtaLearn, focused on addressing the problems of threshold concepts. School and University students studying science and technology often encounter barriers to their understanding of complex concepts. However, unlike in the arts, students are frequently poorly motivated to overcome these barriers. Focusing on ‘performance’ JuxtaLearn provokes student curiosity in science and technology through creative film making editing, sharing and commenting. For further details of the JuxtaLearn project, please go to the website




Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Computers and Learning Research Group (CALRG)GroupInstitute of Educational Technology


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