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Dr Joseph De Lappe

Profile summary

Professional biography

I recently completed my PhD at the Open University in the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology (CREET) at the Open University. My doctoral thesis was: '"Asexy we know it:" The emergence of asexual activism as a sexual and gender social movement.' I am currently a visiting academic in the faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies (WELS). Prior to beginning my PhD, I trained as a secondary school teacher in English, and worked in a variety of state-maintained schools in London and Leicester.



Research interests

My research falls between the sociology of gender and sexuality, and social movement theory. I am interested in sexual and gender minority identity politics in the West, where my focus is on the evolution of the Pride umbrella. I consider the shifting interrelationship between established LGBTQ+ identities and politics, and emergent identities and politics such as asexual activism (on which I completed my thesis). Illustrated by asexual activism, my research falls into three areas:
The ways in which emergent minority activism strategically seeks to both converge and diverge from broader identity politics in establishing its own voice.
The response of broader identity politics to this strategic convergence and divergence.
The part played by established scripts and repertoires of minority activism, and who these can privilege in terms of gender, sexuality, class, health and ethnicity (particularly whiteness).


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