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Dr Shajed Rahman

Md. Shajedur Rahman

Profile summary

Professional biography

Md. Shajedur Rahman is a PhD student in the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies, Open University, UK. His current project aims to understand the nature of teachers' collaboration in a Bangladeshi rural primary school using a qualitative approach. 

His interest around this issue emerged from his last workplace, English in Action- an English Language Teacher Development project in Bangladesh which is funded by the UKAID with the OU as one of the project partners- where he worked for around 3 and half years as a senior research officer. As a part of this project, peer collaboration among teachers is promoted for school-based professional development. 

Shajedur's aim is to use Situated Learning Theory and its central concept of Community of Practice (CoP) (Lave & Wenger 1991), the theory of Habitus and the concept of Symbolic Capital (Bourdieu 1986) and the theory of Affordance (Gibson 1979) as theoretical lenses to understand the nature of teachers' collaboration in a rural primary school in Bangladesh. His PhD project also investigates what teachers understand by the word 'collaboration' and the effect of wider culture on teachers perception and practice in relation to collaboration. For this Hofstede's cultural dimensions are used. 

He did his undergrad in Science Education and first Masters in Curriculum and Instructional Technology at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Then did another Masters at the Institute of Education-UCL in Primary Education (Policy and Practice).

Research interests

Teacher Education, Research Philosophy (Critical Realism)