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Professor Patricia Murphy

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Developing a pedagogy of mutuality in a capability approach - teachers' experiences of using the open educational resources (OER) of the teacher education in sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) programme (2013-05)
Murphy, Patricia and Wolfenden, Freda
International Journal of Educational Development, 33(3) (pp. 263-271)

Girls and physics: continuing barriers to 'belonging' (2006-09-01)
Murphy, Patricia and Whitelegg, Elizabeth
Curriculum Journal, 17(3) (pp. 281-305)

Rethinking single sex teaching (2007-11-01)
Ivinson, Gabrielle and Murphy, Patricia
ISBN : 978 0 335 22040 3 | Publisher : Open University Press | Published : Buckingham, UK

Girls in physics: dilemmas and tensions (2007)
Whitelegg, Elizabeth; Murphy, Patricia and Hart, Christina
In: Pintó, Roser and Couso, Digna eds. Contributions from Science Education Research (pp. 27-32)
ISBN : 978-1-4020-5031-2 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Dordrecht

Gender and technology: gender mediation in school knowledge (2006-04-01)
Murphy, Patricia
In: Dakers, John R. ed. Defining technological literacy: Towards an epistemological framework (pp. 219-237)
ISBN : 1 4039 7037 8 | Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan | Published : New York, USA

Gender differences in educational achievement: a socio-cultural analysis (2004-11-01)
Murphy, Patricia and Ivinson, Gabrielle
In: Olssen, Mark ed. Culture and learning: Access and opportunity in the classroom. International Perspectives on Curriculum (pp. 365-386)
ISBN : 1 59311 178 9 | Publisher : Information Age Publishing Inc | Published : Greenwich Connecticut, USA

Promoting gender inclusion in a distance learning course to increase female recruitment to teaching (2014)
Wolfenden, Freda and Murphy, Patricia
In : Seventh Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF7) (2-6 Dec 2013, Abuja, Nigeria)

NP3 – New Purposes, New Practices, New Pedagogy: Meta-analysis report (2017)
Twining, P.; Browne, N.; Murphy, P.; Hempel-Jorgensen, A.; Harrison, S. and Parmar, N.
Society for Educational Studies, London.

Girls in the physics classroom: a review of the research on the participation of girls in physics (2006-06)
Murphy, Patricia and Whitelegg, Elizabeth
Institute of Physics, London, UK.

Ignite! Fellowship Programme for Young People: A Research Study (2004)
Craft, A; Miell, D; Vass, E; Whitelock, D; Littleton, K; Joubert, M and Murphy, P
National Endownment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA), London, UK.