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Mr Phil Coleman

Profile summary

Professional biography

Phil first joined The Open University (OU) as an Associate Lecturer in 2003. After increasing his teaching portfolio, undertaking a range of consultancy work for the Faculty of Health & Social Care, becoming an OU VQAC Assessor and taking on additional responsibilities (as a mentor and monitor), he accepted the post of Staff Tutor (Health & Social Care) within The OU in the North in August 2007. Phil's professional background is in the field of mental health. As a Registered Mental Health Nurse and Nurse Tutor he has over 30 years of varied experience within the NHS, independent care, Further and Higher Education sectors. This experience has included leading both clinical and academic teams as well as managing various innovative, collaborative curriculum development projects.

Phil has held appointments as an External Examiner for the Foundation Degree Assistant Practitioner in Health & Social Care at Liverpool John Moores University, the BA Joint Honours Health & Social Care/Health in Contemporary Society programme at Northumbria University and the Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care at Manchester Metropolitan University. He was on the editorial board of the open access journal 'Annual Review of Education, Communication and Language Sciences' hosted by Newcastle University and has been an academic reviewer for manuscripts submitted to Blackwell Science, BMJ, DeGruyter, Elsevier and Pearson Publishing.

In 2013, Phil was promoted to Senior Lecturer. He was also was appointed Associate Dean Nations & Regions and in this role had responsibility for the strategic management of Faculty teams based in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, East Grinstead, Edinburgh, Gateshead, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Oxford. During his term of office as an Associate Dean he received several awards for exceptional performance but the appointment ended in 2016 due to this post disappearing in a revised management structure for the new Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies (a merger of the Faculty of Health & Social Care and the Faculty of Education & Language Studies). He therefore returned to his substantive post as a Staff Tutor serving north east England and Cumbria.

More recently, Phil has been working with OU Validation and Partnerships as a Chair for Validation, Revalidation and Major Changes panels. He was appointed as a member of the School's Academic Staff Promotions Group, Learning & Teaching Group, has been a mentor for staff submitting cases for promotion to Senior Lecturer, is a facilitator for academic colleagues formulating their research and scholarship development plans and is building his portfolio of published work. He continues to hold effective registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, is a Fellow of the Society for Education and Training and a member of the Royal College of Nursing. He is currently undertaking a part-time EdD with Newcastle University and is scheduled to complete this award in 2023.

Research interests

Research interests include:

  • Models of part-time study within the Pre-Registration Nursing Programme
  • Ethical decision-making and the HSC academic.
  • Training and development needs of HSC stakeholders.
  • The influence of formal and informal learning within practice-related education
  • Academic leadership and management

Current research activity:

  • Stakeholder analysis of block and integrated Pre-Registration Nursing Programme delivery models .

Teaching interests

Teaching interests include:

  • Development of integrated vocational and academic  progression pathways at the FE/HE interface as a means of widening participation in HE and enabling National Occupational Standards to be achieved within an academic learning experience.
  • Provision of innovative and cost-effective collaborative learning solutions to meet the workforce development needs of HSC employers and practitioners, such as the creation of stakeholder-driven, practice-focused, non-accredited taster sessions, master classes and conferences  and conferences         .
  • Ethical principles and decision-making in healthcare practice.
  • Preceptorship and supervision as support frameworks for healthcare practitioners.
  • Mental Health care - principles and practice.


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