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Professor Ronald Glatter

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The ‘independent state school’ and its aftermath: implications for the processes and structures surrounding school leadership (2020)
Glatter, Ron
School Leadership & Management ((Early access))

Wisdom and bus schedules: Developing school leadership (2009-07)
Glatter, Ron
School Leadership and Management, 29(3) (pp. 225-237)

Collaboration: The big new idea for school improvement? (2005-03)
Evans, Jennifer; Castle, Frances; Cooper, Deborah; Glatter, Ron and Woods, Philip A.
Journal of Education Policy, 20(2) (pp. 223-235)

Really good ideas? Developing evidence-informed policy and practice in educational leadership and management (2001)
Levacic, Rosalind and Glatter, Ron
Educational Management Administration and Leadership, 29(1) (pp. 5-25)

Leadership and leadership development in education (2003-10-23)
Glatter, Ron
In: Storey, John ed. Leadership in organizations: current issues and key trends (pp. 203-224)
ISBN : 9780415310321 | Publisher : Routledge

Governance and educational innovation (2003-06)
Glatter, Ron
In: Davies, Brent and West-Burnham, John E. eds. Handbook of educational leadership and management (pp. 228-237)
ISBN : 9780273656685 | Publisher : Pearson Longman | Published : London, UK

Governance, autonomy and accountability in education (2002-11-12)
Glatter, Ron
In: Preedy, Maggie; Wise, Christine and Glatter, Ron eds. Strategic leadership and educational improvement. Leading and managing for effective education (pp. 44-59)
ISBN : 076194057X | Publisher : Sage | Published : London, UK

Strategic Leadership and Educational Improvement (2003)
Preedy, Margaret; Glatter, Ron and Wise, Christine eds.
Published in association with The Open University
ISBN : 0-7619-4058-8 | Publisher : Sage | Published : London, UK

School choice and diversity in England: a brief overview of research and key issues in House of Commons Education and Skills Committee (2003-04)
Glatter, R
In : Choice and Diversity of Schooling Provision: Issues and Evidence (01 Apr 2004, London)