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Delivering education reform in Wales: a flexible route into teaching (2023)
Glover, Alison and Hutchinson, Steven
Education Inquiry, 14(4) (pp. 442-457)

Boundaries and bricolage: examining the roles of universities and schools in student teacher learning (2011-05-25)
Hutchinson, Steven Andrew
European Journal of Teacher Education, 34(2) (pp. 177-191)

Building the foundations of professional expertise: creating a dialectic between work and formal learning (2010)
Fenton-O'Creevy, Mark and Hutchinson, Steven
Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE), 4(1) (pp. 69-90)

Establishing relationships between students, mentors and specialist tutors in practice settings (2013)
Hutchinson, Steven
In: Higgs, Joy; Sheehan, Dale; Baldry Currens, Julie; Letts, Will and Jensen, Gail M. eds. Realising Exemplary Practice-Based Education. Practice, Education Work and Society (7) (pp. 203-210)
ISBN : 978-94-6209-187-0 | Publisher : Sense | Published : Rotterdam

Standard setting, external regulation and professional autonomy: exploring the implications for university education (2010)
Hutchinson, Steven and Shakespeare, Pamela
In: Higgs, Joy; Fish, Della; Goulter, Ian; Loftus, Stephen; Reid, Jo-anne and Trede, Franziska eds. Education for Future Practice. Practice, Education, Work and Society (3) (pp. 75-84)
ISBN : 978-94-6091-319-8 | Publisher : Sense Publishers | Published : Rotterdam

Content, structure and methods: learning to teach with the Open University flexible PGCE (2006-04)
Hutchinson, Steven
In: Bloxham, Sue; Twiselton, Sam and Jackson, Alison eds. Challenges and opportunities: Developing learning and teaching in ITE across the UK (pp. 4-10)
Publisher : ESCalate | Published : Bristol, U.K.

Testing and assessment (2001-10-18)
Hutchinson, Steven and Shelton Mayes, Ann
In: Moon, Robert ed. A Guide to the National Curriculum
ISBN : 198382901 | Publisher : Oxford University Press | Published : Oxford, UK

The Meaning of teacher professionalism in a quality control era (2001-08-20)
Storey, Anne and Hutchinson, Steven
In: Shelton Mayes, Ann and Banks, Frank eds. Early professional development for teachers (pp. 41-53)
ISBN : 1853467928 | Publisher : David Fulton Publishers Ltd | Published : London, UK

Learning in Landscapes of Practice: Boundaries, identity, and knowledgeability in practice-based learning (2014-07-23)
Wenger-Trayner, Etienne; Fenton-O'Creevy, Mark; Kubiak, Christopher; Hutchinson, Steven and Wenger-Trayner, Beverly eds.
ISBN : 978-1-13-802218-8 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon

Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum in Secondary Schools (2002-04-25)
Hutchinson, Steven; Moon, Bob and Shelton-Mayes, Ann eds.
ISBN : 978-0-415-26066-4 | Publisher : RoutledgeFalmer | Published : London, U.K. and New York, NY, U.S.

Communities of Practice, a social discipline of learning: nurturing a physical and virtual social learning environment (2010-02)
Keleher, Patrick and Hutchinson, Steven
In : World Association of Co-operative Education International Conference on Work Integrated Learning (3-5 Feb 2010, Hong Kong, China)

Foundation degrees and work-related pedagogy: a UK initiative (2008-12)
Hutchinson, Steven; Malone, Caroline and Shakespeare, Pamela
In : World Association of Co-operative Education Symposium (03-05 Dec 2008, Madrid, Spain)

Professional discourse, quality assurance and a practice integrated pre-service teacher education course: The Open University PGCE (2007-11)
Hutchinson, Steven
In : World Association of Co-operative Education Quality Assurance Conference (13-15 Nov 2007, Charleston, CA)

Curriculum, practice and competencies in professional qualification: exploring the quality assurance implications (2007-11)
Hutchinson, Steven and Shakespeare, Pamela
In : World Association of Co-operative Education Quality Assurance Conference (13-15 Nov 2007, Charleston, CA)

A new paradigm for teacher education: supported, open teaching and learning at the Open University (2006-09-16)
Hutchinson, Steven and Wolfenden, Freda
In : European Educational Research Association Annual Conference (13-16 Sep 2006, Geneva)

Boundaries, bricolage and student-teacher learning (2008)
Hutchinson, Steven Andrew
PhD thesis The Open University