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Child and student-led research

Here at the Open University Children’s Research Centre (CRC) we seek ways to support children and young people to express their views and to carry-out research on issues or topics of interest or concern to them.

Established in 2004 by Professor Mary Kellett, the Children’s Research Centre was unique in being the first university-based centre anywhere in the world to train and support children and young people to undertake their own research. This enables children and young people to have a research voice in society and to make valuable contributions to knowledge from their insider perspectives.

The CRC work with diverse groups of children and young people in schools and community settings, to provide them with age-tailored research training and then support them to undertake original research of their choosing. Original research from children and young people aged 9 upwards has covered topics such as; identity issues; cyberbullying;  bereavement; TV and gaming; children’s worries; staying safe; substance abuse; life on housing estates; learning environments and many more. 
Providing children and young people with the opportunity to carry-out their own independent research or to have their say can have a significant impact upon their social, emotionally and cognitive development.

Listen to young researchers from Lincroft School talk about the research projects they carried out which were based in their local communities.