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PhD - programme

WELS offers both a full-time, on-campus doctoral programme (3 years) as well as a part-time programme (6 years). As a PhD student you will be allocated two (or sometimes three) supervisors who will support you with your research project that will culminate in a thesis which contributes to the knowledge in the field. Over the course of your studies you will also build up a portfolio of skills. 

Structure of the PhD 

The first year of your PhD studies will be taken up with refining your project proposal, reviewing the literature, and developing your methodology. Towards the end of year one you will be required to submit an extended proposal and will have a mini-viva.

In year two you are likely to be collecting and analysing data and continuing to review the literature.

In your third year you will complete data analysis and prepare and write up your thesis, ready for submission for examination which takes the form of an oral viva voce.  

The general criteria for assessment of the thesis are: 

  • that it contains material worthy of publication 
  • satisfactory defence of the thesis at the oral examination 
  • that the thesis makes a significant contribution to knowledge 
  • the candidate’s capacity to pursue further research without supervision.