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Student resources

Student Training Support Grant (RTSG)

University and Faculty funded studentships have a £1000 per annum allowance to offset against research training expenses, (e.g. attending research methods training events, fieldwork expenses, conference attendance).  Please discuss with your supervisor how best to use this allowance.  All expenditure from your RTSG must be approved by the Director of Postgraduate Research prior to spending.  Please note that RTSG funding is not available to part time students. 

Applications to attend conferences must be made in advance using the RTSG form and will be considered in the light of individual needs and require the support of at least one supervisor. 

Email approval will be sent to you from the Postgraduate Office. 

The RTSG process diagram shows which forms you will need to complete. 

Conferences and seminars

Attending and presenting at seminars is viewed as an important part of postgraduate training and students are expected to make use of the range of WELS seminars available. You will be a member of at least one of the WELS research groups and will be encouraged to participate in its activities. 

Full-time postgraduate research students are encouraged to attend conferences and workshops linked to their research.  Funding approval is from the postgraduate office  

Travel Insurance & Relevant forms 

If you are travelling overseas for a conference or for data collection you should register for travel insurance with the Open University. 

If you are travelling overseas you should also complete an International Travel and Assignment Budget Approval Form

The Risk Assessment Form should be completed if you are travelling to a high risk area as determined by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  The completed form should be emailed to the Postgraduate Office

The Fieldwork Risk Assessment Form is relevant only for fieldwork activities.  The completed form should be emailed to the Postgraduate Office. 

These forms should be completed and sent to your primary supervisor for initial support.  Once you have obtained your supervisor’s suport submit the forms (and approvals) to the Postgraduate Office.  Due to the approval processes, please try to give at least one month's notice before the activity/purchase takes place. 

If you are a tier 4 visa student you will also need to complete the authorised absence form if you are travelling overseas for conferences or data collection. 

Travel Advance 

A travel advance may be obtained if funding is required prior to travel, email the postgraduate office for further details.  Complete the travel advance form 2/3 weeks in advance of your travel, sign and send it to the Postgraduate Office for processing. The money requested will be paid into your account.  You will need to include this amount when you make your electronic claim.