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Research groups and centres

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Ageing and later life (CABS)

Based at The Open University, the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS) was established in 1995 as a centre for gerontology and biographical research.

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Applied Linguistics and Literacies research group (ALLRG)

Our world-leading research paves the way for new understandings of how to navigate our professional, civic and personal lives in an increasingly interconnected world, and the role of language and communication within it.

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Carers research group

This group is made up of people from across The Open University who have an interest in carer research.

Childhoods youth and sport research cluster

CYS research contributes to nationally and globally important practices, policies and debates in education, childhoods, youth and sport.

Children's Research Centre

The Children's Research Centre works with children and young people to support their engagement in research.

Mixed race family at home

Children, young people and families

The Children, Young People and Families research group has a focus on social research, which links to key policy and professional practice across the health and social care sector.

Centre for children’s wellbeing: body, mind and media

CCW works to build greater understandings of children and young people’s health and wellbeing – and advocate for how we can best support young people to thrive.

Centre for Literacy and Social Justice

The Centre for Literacy and Social Justice is building systemic, collaborative capacity – within and between teachers, schools and homes – in order to address inequalities in children’s literacy experiences through research and practice.

Centre for the Study of Global Development

The Centre for the Study of Global Development (CSGD) creates a unified space for multi and interdisciplinary research to reduce poverty and inequality and improve health, education, and job opportunities.

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Open Thanatology reasearch group

Our research covers theoretical and practice-related dimensions across end of life care and death, including reproductive and neonatal loss, bereavement and memorialisation.

Education Futures research cluster

Education Futures is at the forefront of research regarding contemporary and future pedagogies, informed by understandings of policy and practice within both national and international contexts.

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Health & Wellbeing Priority Research Area

Open University researchers conduct research in health and wellbeing across various disciplines and areas including healthcare management, ageing studies, reproductive and sexual rights, assistive technologies, patient data management, mental health and biological health sciences.

Nursing Research Group

The Nursing Research Group consists of academics and practitioners from the nursing team who undertake research into nursing and related healthcare topics

Open languages research group (OLRG)

Open Languages Research Group focuses on foreign and second language learning and teaching in a range of contexts.

Pedagogy and learning research group (PAL)

PaL represents the strong tradition within the faculty for a socio-cultural understanding of learning. Our expertise and interest involves a variety of qualitative methods, including ethnography, participatory approaches, discourse analysis and historical investigation.

Pregnant - sculpture by Alison Lapper

Reproduction, Sexualities & Sexual Health research group

RSSH is an interdisciplinary practice and community-oriented research group working in five key areas: reproductive control, HIV/AIDS, sexuality & disability, the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT+) people and pregnancy & childbirth.

Child writing


Our research is focused on the work, training and professional development of those who support learning anywhere in the world

Going in and getting out after 20 years by Kevin Chettle

Social History of Learning Disability

At the heart of the group's approach, from its beginnings in 1994, is a recognition that people with learning disabilities are experts on their own lives, and have historical knowledge, viewpoints and skills to contribute. Such an ethos is reflected in our inclusive conferences, publications, research projects and close collaborations with a variety of learning disability organisations, including advocacy groups.

Sports research group

The Sport Research Group is an inter-disciplinary working team of researchers investigating various areas of sport including, athletic injury, post traumatic growth, identity, embodiment, asthma, boxing, maltreatment/abuse, sports student experiences, netball, winter sports and golf.