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Education Futures

Education Futures is at the forefront of research regarding contemporary and future pedagogies, informed by understandings of policy and practice within both national and international contexts. Our signature expertise relates to: creative and inclusive pedagogies, pedagogies of participation and mutuality, international teacher development and ICT in schools.

Our work is realised through partnerships that acknowledge, among other concerns, the complexity of contemporary identities, habits and cultures. Our visions are inclusive, engaging with the competencies and diverse needs of all learners, within both national and international contexts.

We investigate teaching and learning in order to understand and shape more equitable and innovative learning opportunities. We plan, structure and organize our research in ways that enable us to make more of an impact on the unfolding educational agenda locally, nationally and internationally. We take a broadly social approach to teaching and learning, and use a variety of methodological approaches to explore teaching and learning and learners’ identities in diverse contexts.

Our researchers collaborate across two integral research groups Pedagogy and Learning (PAL) and Research into International Teacher Education and Sustainable Development (RITES)