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Pedagogy and Learning (PAL)

PaL represents the strong tradition within the faculty for a socio-cultural understanding of learning. Our expertise and interest involves a variety of qualitative methods, including ethnography, participatory approaches, discourse analysis and historical investigation. Our methodological work focuses on philosophical and practical issues, including the role of research communities, and the relationship between research, policy-making and practice. We have a collective interest in the use of narrative within research as well as exploring the use of imagery and technology both as tools for research and as a focus of research.

We are a diverse group of researchers and consequently our research involves the use of different foci to investigate pedagogy, learning, curriculum, policy and assessment across a range of formal and informal learning contexts, from the early years to higher education, within early years settings, schools and beyond. We have, for example, groups who focus on creativity and creative teaching and learning, on teachers and students’ literacies, identities and practices and on issues of inclusion and the use of new technologies. However collectively we explore issues of equity, diversity, agency, social inclusion and participation, with a focus upon practice, how it is experienced and how it emerges and pay close attention to the impact of our work on policy.