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Curriculum, Equity and Assessment

In this area, it is likely that you will be researching issues related to one or more of these inter-related areas of study:

  1. learning and the curriculum
  2. assessment and the curriculum
  3. knowledge and skills and the curriculum
  4. pedagogy and practitioner identities
  5. identities and gender differentiation in education.

The context for your EdD research proposal may be a sector (e.g. early years practitioners and learners), a subject area or a particular group (e.g. primary teachers, learning support assistants, children with learning difficulties) and the focus may be on one or more of a number of factors. For example, factors affecting identity and performance may include age, class, race, gender and disability. What we mean by a ‘curriculum and assessment issue’ is something that gives insight into the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of teaching and learning. Even when considering the area of ‘knowledge and skills and the curriculum’, for example, your concern should not just be about a particular domain such as literacy, but instead, about how understanding the nature of knowledge leads to particular curriculum choices – such as what or how to teach literacy for example. This will require consideration of what you and others understand about literacy and what it is to be literate, which in turn relates to the reasons for and ways of teaching literacy. Any answer to the question of what literacy should be taught will have elements that are particular to literacy and those that are general to all domains. Both types of elements – subject-specific and general – are of interest in this EdD.

Examples of successful EdD theses

  • Exploring the use of fictional film as a trigger to Enquiry Based Learning.
  • Exploring transformative journeys through a Higher Education programme in a Further Education college.
  • Children as researchers: a case study of an initiative in one primary school.
  • Work in progress? 14-16 year old boys’ experience of vocational education.