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Section 2 A Guide to Using Our Story and Frequently Asked Questions

Creating new story

How do I create a completely new story?

If you want to make a completely new story then on the opening page tap on the Create button. On the next page, drag one of the pictures from your photogallery onto the storyboard at the bottom of the screen. If you tap on a picture in the storyboard then you can add sound or text to the picture. In this way you can build up a story using the pictures on your device. If you want to delete a picture from the storyboard then simply drag it off the storyboard.

How do I change an existing story?

On the opening page tap on the ‘Use Existing story’ button. Select the story you want to change and then tap on the edit icon (a crayon). You can then change a story in exactly the same way as described above. 

How do I save my story on my iPad?

On the Create page tap on the orange ‘save’ icon at the top at any time to save your story in your iPad. There also are prompts to ask you to save your story at critical points.

What happens when I rename my story? 

When you rename a story then the story you are editing is given a new name. 

How do I save my story on other devices? 

You can use the share option to send the complete story (with sounds) to another person or another device. The complete story can only be read on a similar device (apple or android) which has the Our Story app. It is also possible to send PDF files which have all the pictures and text, but no sounds, to be read on most digital devices and computers. If you want to save the complete story, then at the Format page select  ‘Play and Edit’ and then send the story by Dropbox, Mail or iTunes. Storing important l stories on another device is a useful way to make sure you have a back up. 

How do I add sound?

Open a picture in the storyboard at the bottom by tapping on it. Then tap on the microphone icon. Tap the red button to start the recording and you will see the duration of the recording displayed. Tap the square red button to stop the recording. To hear your recoding tap the green arrow. If you do not like the recording tap the grey dustbin to delete it.

How do I add text?

Open a picture from the storyboard by tapping on it. Then tap on the bottom rectangle to add the text. When finished tap ‘Done’ or close the keyboard.


How do I print my story?

If you can use wireless printing with your device (e.g. Apple Airprint).

Tap on the print icon and then on the next page select the print option again. You will be given the choice of different booklet sizes, choose the page size that you would like. You will then need to give details about your printing choices.  

If you cannot use wireless printing then printing from another computer.

To print from another computer or other device you will need to create a PDF file of your story. Tap the print icon and then tap on ‘Send PDF’. You will need to send a PDF version of the story to your computer by email or drop box (see Sharing below). Then print the PDF file in the usual way on your computer or other device.

How do I create a printed booklet with my story?

You can create different sized booklets (full page picture, half page pictures or quarter page pictures which some children really like). For a full sized booklet, you can print it in one-sided or double-sided and bind on the left hand-side.

For smaller booklets, you need to print them on one side and cut along the horizontal dotted line. Then fold the paper so the pictures are on the outside. Put all the folded paper together and staple or bind the booklet on the left hand side.

Will my printed story be exactly like my digital story?

You can print it in various formats and adjust the font and text orientation via settings (see below).

How do I change the font size and text alignment in the PDF file and pictures?

Exit the app, go to settings, and scroll down the settings bar on the left to find Our Story which is listed with your other Apps. 

Tap on the Our Story icon and you will have a display that allows you to change the picture font size, the PDF font size and the PDF font alignment. 

‘PDF A4 Font Size’ refers to the options for a full size printed page. ‘PDF A5 and A6 Font Size’ refers to the options for two pictures per page or 4 pictures per page.

Sharing options

How do I send a story to friends and family who have iPads?

You can send your story with sound recordings via email or Dropbox email. Depending on your Internet connection and the size of your story (which is determined by the number of pictures and the amount of sound), the transfer may take a while. The revolving circle lets you know the computer is saving or sending your story. 

If the receiver of your story has the app installed on their iPad, they will be able to open the story immediately after they receive it. Please note that the stories produced on iPads can only be read by other users who have iPad with Our Story on their iPad, and stories produced on android devices can only be read on other android devices. 

Sharing by email. If you have an apple iCloud mail account then this is the least complicated option. Simply tap on sharing, then on the next page tap on ‘Mail’. Next fill in the mail address of the person you are sending your story to.

Sharing by Dropbox. If you or the receiver doesn’t have a Dropbox account, you will need to set this up before sending your story via Dropbox. The story is sent to your Dropbox folder and then you can share via Dropbox or another means such as email.

Can I save my story on a PC?

Yes, you can do this via email or Dropbox (see above). Remember, you cannot play the audio associated with your story on a PC/Mac; this is only possible on a device which has Our Story installed on it. However, friends and family without an iPad are likely to enjoy seeing the pictures and text as a PDF file.

Other questions

How much text can I write with each picture?

You can write as much text as you like, there is no restriction.

How many stories can I save?

You can save up to 50 stories within the app, but remember these can be very big files.

How long can my recorded audio with each picture be?

Your audio can be as long as you like. However, remember that a long audio may take up a lot of memory on your device.

How do I turn off automatic spell-checker?

Exit the app, tap the Settings icon on your iPad.

Then select ‘General’ from the Settings bar on the left. You can then turn on or off auto-capitalisation, auto-correction, check spelling, and enable caps lock.

My iPad does not seem to recognize my camera.

You may need to set the location Services to ‘on’.

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