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Dr Beatrice Zuaro

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English-medium Instruction through the lens of discipline and culture: Lecturers’ beliefs and reported practices (2022-07-26)
Zuaro, Beatrice
Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies, 16(1) (pp. 113-131)

Language policy in Italian universities: Navigating the language ambiguities of higher education internationalisation (2022)
Zuaro, Beatrice; Soler, Josep and Björkman-Nylén, Beyza
Language Problems and Language Planning, 46(3) (pp. 231-255)

Internationalization vs Englishization in Italian higher education: Reframing the issue (2021)
Murphy, Amanda Claire and Zuaro, Beatrice
In: Wilkinson, Robert and Gabriëls, René eds. The Englishization of Higher Education in Europe (pp. 163-188)
Publisher : Amsterdam University Press | Published : Amsterdam

‘Opening Up’ Research on English as a Medium of Instruction: Applied Linguistics and Interdisciplinarity.
Hultgren, Kristina; Nao, Marion; Wingrove, Peter; Yuksel, Dogan and Zuaro, Beatrice
In : 56th Annual Conference of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL 2023) (23-25 Aug 2023, University of York, York)