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Welcome to the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies

Organised as three Schools, the Faculty works across a range of disciplines including Education, Childhood and Youth, Health and Social Care, Youth Work, Social Work, Languages and Applied Linguistics, Nursing, and Sport and Fitness. We take an innovative approach to teaching and learning, developing collaborative partnerships with employers and other institutions, and engaging in cutting-edge, action-oriented and internationally recognised research.


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Study with us

The Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies offers 17 undergraduate and five postgraduate degrees as well as a wide range of certificates and diplomas, across nine subject areas in the fields of health and social care, education, sport and fitness, and languages and applied linguistics. We also offer short courses in languages and international culture, and apprenticeships in the key areas of nursing, advanced clinical practice, and social work. Our qualifications are developed by practice-based experts, including teachers and health care professionals, and informed by our internationally recognised and award-winning research.

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Our research

The key focus of our research is enabling communities to realise their potential, lead healthy, fulfilling lives, create inclusive societies, and thrive in the context of global change and uncertainty. Driven by the OU’s social mission, and inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, our research covers the span of life from the cradle to the grave. A key characteristic of our research is its interdisciplinary and practice-based approach. We harness the expertise and insight of our diverse research specialisms to help support change and impact policy, not just across the Four Nations, but also further afield in our global development work

Research in WELS
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Welcome to the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies


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Improving the experience of witnesses in health and care professional practice proceedings

In a world first, researchers, including Professor Louise Wallace (Co-Principal Investigator) from the WELS School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care, have been funded to study the experience of witnesses who give evidence in professional conduct hearings about care provided by health and social care professionals.

30th November 2021
Portrait of Dr Tom Witney

Bridging the gap between science and ‘me’

With a background in Natural Sciences, Tom Witney found himself with a career dilemma: Should he ‘do Science’ or ‘do stuff about Science’? Having already undertaken an OU graduate conversion course in Psychology, Tom saw an OU PhD studentship advertised and recognised the name of the team leader as a Professor he’d cited in his dissertation. The stars seemed to be aligning and four years later he submitted his thesis.

25th November 2021
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TIDE wins award for Open Collaboration

The Open University’s TIDE project (Transformation by Innovation in Distance Education) has won the 2021 Open Practices Awards (Open Collaboration category) of the Open Education Awards for Excellence. 

12th November 2021
An animated cartoon of a student reading an iPad. Text on a blue background reads: TMA Top Tips from the Tutors in WELS

Top tips for your first TMA: Advice from WELS Tutors

For many OU students the thought of a TMA, or Tutor Marked Assignment, fills them with dread. To help you overcome those fears, and kick start your assignment writing, we spoke to several WELS Tutors to get their top tips for writing essay-style TMAs.

3rd November 2021
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