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Languages and Applied Linguistics

Welcome to the home of our research and teaching expertise in the study of language and cultures. Supported by expert teachers, you can learn languages and explore the impact and evolution of language in modern society, delivered by expert language speakers

The study of languages and linguistics enhances our ability to understand each other, both in terms of language and cultural communication. I believe that, in our complex, interconnected world, it is more important than ever to build more intercultural understanding.

Rosina Marquez-Reiter
Head of School
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Learn a language with us

We run a variety of Modern Languages courses that also explore the culture, society, science, history, and geography of the countries in which each language is spoken. At a time when many universities are withdrawing their language courses, we offer a range of study options, from short courses to degrees, with plenty of opportunities for language practice in reading, listening, writing, speaking and interaction. Whatever your lifestyle, ambitions or starting point (whether you have an A level in languages, GCSE, or no language experience at all), we will have a programme to suit you.

Our courses in English and Applied Linguistics explore how the way we use language reveals cultural, political, and social meanings, helping us develop a deeper understanding of each other.

Whatever inspires you to study, we can help you fulfil your career plans or personal interests, all taught by experts in online and distance learning. You can study a single language, a combination of languages with other subjects, even an Open Degree, which allows you to select from a wide range of modules from across the whole University to create a degree course in the subjects that matter to you. Courses include French, German and Spanish at degree level, and we also have short online courses in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Welsh.

We’re an internationally recognised leader in Languages and Applied Linguistics, and our teaching is founded on leading Research in these subjects. We’re also one of the biggest schools in the UK to combine Languages and Applied Linguistics and many of the most respected researchers in those fields choose to teach here. Their ongoing research ensures our courses are contemporary, relevant, and aligned with the latest developments in the field.

Study with us and you’ll be motivated by teaching materials written by world experts that bring out the best in you. And you’ll be inspired by the great diversity of linguistic, social, and cultural backgrounds among both tutors and students alike. This is a truly vibrant, authentic, multilingual, and multicultural environment where you can truly immerse yourself in the study of languages.


What our students say

The scope of the OU course was huge. We looked at how to translate legal language, medical language, literature, poetry, songs, news… I even got to translate a new Spanish play into English. Doing this course has radically affected the way I think about everything. And that’s invaluable.

Joanne Walker
Studied: MA Translation
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Want to learn more?

We truly believe that the study of languages and linguistics is a positive force for deeper empathy and understanding between people and nations, as well as being a fascinating, rewarding and enjoyable area of study. If you think so too, explore our courses. We’d love to have you join us.



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