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MA in Translation

An MA course in Translation with The Open University will give you a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of the translation profession using the languages that interest you. You’ll look at translation from a range of perspectives, from the theoretical – considering what it is to translate, the role of cultural differences, and how translation has been used politically to make certain languages more predominant than others – to the practical, for example, by learning how to translate for children or how to apply subtitles to video, a skill that will expand your potential to translate commercially.

Where will your MA in Translation take you?

The focus on detail that our MA course provides will develop your skills as a translator, and open up opportunities for you to work in the fast-growing translation-services industry, or to study further and undertake a doctorate in translation studies. Or you may simply want to gain a deeper understanding of your chosen language for personal pleasure and fulfilment, out of pure love of the language.

Use a variety of resources to explore a range of subjects

The content we will give you to translate covers all kinds of subjects, from literature, to marketing, current affairs or tourism documents, to the kind of technical language used in legal and medical documents, helping you to explore all corners of the language and maybe even identify new career possibilities.

Open University activities and tools include:

  • Using the latest translation technologies to revise and edit texts
  • Learning how to subtitle using software that enables you to compose and create on-screen captions
  • Connecting with established translation communities to engage in tasks that develop your employability skills
  • Engaging in collaborative activities and peer-review to hone your professional skills
  • Enjoying the freedom to choose what you translate from a selection of options available

If you choose to complete the qualification, you’ll also have the option to undertake either a substantial translation project or a more traditional academic dissertation.

With The Open University, you can choose to study your MA with French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese or Modern Standard Arabic– in combination with English. And you can choose to complete in any time period between two and six years. Our tutors come from a variety of different countries and backgrounds, giving you authentic experience in your chosen language as it is written and spoken today.

Ready to study an MA in Translation? Take a look at our courses.