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Modern Languages

The learning of language helps develop inclusive societies. When you study languages with us you will learn more than just words and phrases; you will gain a better understanding of the cultures associated with those languages. So whether you are learning in order to further your career or your business plans, to develop yourself, or build your experience interacting with people around the world, our modules and courses will give you the communication skills you need to succeed.

The languages we teach

Our core languages are French, German and Spanish, all of which we teach up to degree level. We also offer short online courses in Italian, Chinese and Welsh language and culture.

How you learn

On our degree programmes you’ll have regular contact with specialist tutors and be allocated a personal tutor who works with you, leads tutorials, and gives you detailed feedback and advice when marking your assignments. On short online courses you will have a learning advisor to guide you throughout your studies, as well as contact with your fellow students via online forums. Read more about studying with us here.

Study that benefits your employability

Knowing an additional language can give you the edge in the jobs market. Our students graduate as culturally aware linguists who demonstrate attributes that are highly sought after by employers, such as strong communication skills and the ability to work in multicultural teams or in international settings.

Challenging and developing your language skills

Our courses offer a variety of assessment task types to test and develop your skills, with plenty of opportunities to speak the language as well as listen, read and write. Early modules blend English and target language teaching, while higher level modules are almost exclusively in the target language. Some of our modules also include Online Schools, to improve your spoken language competence by providing you with plenty of opportunities for interaction with students and tutors. These programmes are designed to enhance your cultural understanding, fluency and confidence in using the target language.

Supporting the languages of all four UK nations 

a red pin sticks out of a colourful blue map, placed in the centre of the United Kingdom

We support the learning and use of the indigenous languages of the UK through our Applied Linguistics accredited modules our short online course in Welsh and our open access courses in Scottish Gaelic and Scots. We work with national governments and third sector organisations to support all UK languages both in schools and by developing learning programmes for professionals such as teachers, nursery staff and healthcare workers. We are also committed to supporting the languages spoken in communities across the UK through our collaborations with indigenous and migrant communities. For example, we recently collaborated with the Milton Keynes Tamil community to create a short online course in Tamil.

Ready to choose your language?

Take a look at our courses in English,  FrenchGermanSpanishItalianChinese and Welsh.