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Mrs Christine Bower

Profile summary

Research interests

Christine's teaching and research interests are in inclusive education, philosophy of education, epistemic injustice, social justice, autism, disabilities, children and young people and participatory research methods. 


‘Um, I was getting bullied at school because I didn’t believe in god’: one family’s experience of autism, school and home education (2021)
Bower, Christine
International Journal of Inclusive Education, 25(8) (pp. 914-927)

Barriers to Effective, Equitable and Quality Education: A Rights-based, Participatory Research Assessment of Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Palestine (2020-12)
MacKenzie, Alison; Bower, Christine and Owaineh, Mohammed
The International Journal of Children’s Rights, 28(4) (pp. 805-832)

Gratitude versus children's rights: An exploration mothers’ attitudes towards disability and inclusive education in Palestine (2020)
MacKenzie, Alison; Bower, Christine and Owaineh, Mohammed
International Journal of Educational Research Open, 1, Article 100001

The Power of Participatory Action Research to Hearing the Voices of Children With Disabilities in Conflict Situations. A Case Study From Palestine (2024-06-07)
MacKenzie, Alison; Owaineh, Mohammed and Bower, Christine
In: Rose, Richard and Shevlin, Michael eds. Including Voices (International Perspectives on Inclusive Education, Vol. 23 (pp. 115-126)
ISBN : 978-1-83797-720-8 | Publisher : Emerald Publishing Limited | Published : Leeds, UK