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Dr Carrie Purcell

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Carrie has a background in medical sociology and qualitative methods. Her main research interests are around reproductive health, stigma, self-management, and access to healthcare. She has led a range of studies of abortion care in Scotland and, from 2018-21 Carrie was PI on the Wellcome Trust-funded Sexuality and Abortion Stigma Study (SASS). SASS explored the potential for qualitative secondary analysis of a range of abortion-related UK datasets to inform understanding of abortion stigma and normalisation. Carrie is a collaborator on the award-winning Open University engagement project My Body, My Life and was a co-investigator on the Abortion During COVID-19 study. 

In her time at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Herlath Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow, Carrie worked on a variety of mixed-method projects relating to health and wellbeing, ranging from process evaluations, to qualitative secondary analysis, to feasibility and implementation studies. As such, Carrie has a broad range of topical, methodological, and practical research expertise.

Carrie is a member of the steering group for the Scottish Interdisciplinary Research in Sexual Health Network (IRESH) and the editorial board for BJOG: An International Journal of Obstertics and Gynaecology. She is an Honorary Research Fellow in the School for Heath and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow. 

ResearchGate: Carrie Purcell

Research interests

  • sexual and reproductive health
  • reproductive justice
  • abortion
  • embodiment
  • experiences of health professionals
  • access to healthcare
  • self-management
  • medical sociology
  • qualitative methods
  • evaluation methodologies 
  • narrative research 


Home-based cardiac rehabilitation for people with heart failure and their caregivers: a mixed-methods analysis of the roll out an evidence-based programme in Scotland (SCOT:REACH-HF study) (2023)
Purcell, Carrie; Purvis, Anthony; Cleland, John G F; Cowie, Aynsley; Dalal, Hasnain M; Ibbotson, Tracy; Murphy, Clare and Taylor, Rod S
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Feasibility study of peer-led and school-based social network Intervention (STASH) to promote adolescent sexual health (2021-06-14)
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Effectiveness of social network interventions to support cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention in the management of people with heart disease (2021-01-05)
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Peer-to-Peer Sharing of Social Media Messages on Sexual Health in a School-Based Intervention: Opportunities and Challenges Identified in the STASH Feasibility Trial (2021)
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Conducting sexualities research: an outline of emergent issues and case studies from ten Wellcome-funded projects (2019)
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Peer-led intervention to prevent and reduce STI transmission and improve sexual health in secondary schools (STASH): protocol for a feasibility study (2018)
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Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 4, Article 180(1)

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The changing body work of abortion: a qualitative study of the experiences of health professionals (2017)
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Touch in holistic massage: ambiguities and boundaries (2013)
Purcell, Carrie
In: Wolkowitz, Carol; Lara Cohen, Rachel and Sanders, Teela eds. Body/Sex/Work: Intimate, embodied and sexualised labour (pp. 175-190)
ISBN : 9781137021908 | Publisher : Bloomsbury