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Mr Dame Diop

Profile summary

Research interests

I am interested in Teacher Education and professional development in general but especially within the field of English Language Teaching (ELT). In specific terms, my research interests revolve around teacher learning, teacher professional development, teacher professional identity, and reflective practice.  I am currently working on teacher professional development of teachers of English in Senegal with. In my PhD study, I am researching the Senegalese pedagogical cells (clusters of teachers who teach the same subject at the same school or schools located in the same area) to see how teachers’ participation in and membership of those cells contribute to their learning and practice.

Teaching interests

I taught English as a foreign language at senior high school level in Senegal for some years.  I have also been an in-service teacher trainer.  I am interested in teaching English and teacher education and professional development. 

Impact and engagement

I am committed to improve education in general and particularly in in-service teacher education and training of teachers of English in Senegal. I believe that enhancing teacher professional learning is necessary if we want to improve students' learning.