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Dr Joanne Jordan

Profile summary

Professional biography

I began my research career as a qualitative researcher. Over the years, I have continued to favour qualitative methods in primary research, but also see the value of, and frequently use, mixed methods. About ten years ago, after talking to a colleague who was at a loss to account for the disparity in the findings of her systematic review, we embarked on a synthesis of relevant qualitative evidence that might help to explain the disparity. That experience convinced me of two things: the value of evidence reviews and the need for effectiveness interventions to include process evaluations. SInce then, I have been involved in both.

Broadly speaking, I undertake research in health and social care. Substantively, the range can be quite wide, primarily because the drive for involvement is methodological. However, I maintain a particular interest in palliative and end-of-life care, critical care and mental health and well-being. Within these areas, the focus can be on children and young people, and adults. Underpinning much of my work is an awareness of the need to make research count, and to do so in ways that maintain a critical and constructive stance.     

Externally funded projects

Examining the Ambitions Framework: Marie Curie case study
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator01 Apr 202231 Mar 2023Marie Curie

This is a project aiming to find out how the Ambitions Framework (for palliative and end of life care) have been understood, interpreted, and applied in a range of contexts.


Using the TIDieR checklist to describe the intervention of the Sedation and Weaning in Children (SANDWICH) trial (2022-06-22)
Tume, Lyvonne N.; Blackwood, Bronagh; McAuley, Daniel F.; Morris, Kevin; Peters, Mark J.; Jordan, Joanne; Walsh, Timothy Simon and McIlmurray, Lisa
Nursing in Critical Care ((Early Access))

Co-ordinated multidisciplinary intervention to reduce time to successful extubation for children on mechanical ventilation: the SANDWICH cluster stepped-wedge RCT (2022-03)
Blackwood, Bronagh; Morris, Kevin P; Jordan, Joanne; McIlmurray, Lisa; Agus, Ashley; Boyle, Roisin; Clarke, Mike; Easter, Christina; Feltbower, Richard G; Hemming, Karla; Macrae, Duncan; McDowell, Cliona; Murray, Margaret; Parslow, Roger; Peters, Mark J; Phair, Glenn; Tume, Lyvonne N; Walsh, Timothy S and McAuley, Daniel F
Health Technology Assessment, 26(18)

Transitions for older people with learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge others, and their family carers: a merged protocol for two rapid scoping reviews of evidence (2022)
Vseteckova, J.; Jordan, J.; Tilley, E.; Larkin, M.; Ryan, S. and Wallace, L. M.
Systematic Reviews, 11(1)

An analysis of the construct validity and responsiveness of the ICECAP-SCM capability wellbeing measure in a palliative care hospice setting (2022)
Myring, Gareth; Mitchell, Paul Mark; Kernohan, W. George; McIlfatrick, Sonja; Cudmore, Sarah; Finucane, Anne M.; Graham-Wisener, Lisa; Hewison, Alistair; Jones, Louise; Jordan, Joanne; McKibben, Laurie; Muldrew, Deborah H. L.; Zafar, Shazia and Coast, Joanna
BMC Palliative Care, 21, Article 121(1)

Transitions for older people with intellectual disabilities and behaviours that challenge others: a rapid scoping review (2022)
Tilley, Elizabeth; Jordan, Joanne; Larkin, Mary; Vseteckova, Jitka; Ryan, Sara and Wallace, Louise
Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities ((Early Access))

Challenges for palliative care day services: a focus group study (2021-01-12)
Hasson, Felicity; Jordan, Joanne; McKibben, Laurie; Graham-Wisener, Lisa; Finucane, Anne; Lamour, Kathy; Zafar, Shazia; Hewison, Alistair; Brazil, Kevin and Kernohan, George
BMC Palliative Care, 20(11)

Effect of a Sedation and Ventilator Liberation Protocol vs Usual Care on Duration of Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in Pediatric Intensive Care Units (2021)
Blackwood, Bronagh; Tume, Lyvonne N.; Morris, Kevin P.; Clarke, Mike; McDowell, Clíona; Hemming, Karla; Peters, Mark J.; McIlmurray, Lisa; Jordan, Joanne; Agus, Ashley; Murray, Margaret; Parslow, Roger; Walsh, Timothy S.; Macrae, Duncan; Easter, Christina; Feltbower, Richard G.; McAuley, Daniel F. and SANDWICH Collaborators,
JAMA, 326(5) (pp. 401-410)

Exploring the costs, consequences and efficiency of three types of palliative care day services in the UK: a pragmatic before-and-after descriptive cohort study (2020-08-07)
Mitchell, Paul Mark; Coast, Joanna; Myring, Gareth; Ricciardi, Federico; Vickerstaff, Victoria; Jones, Louise; Zafar, Shazia; Cudmore, Sarah; Jordan, Joanne; McKibben, Laurie; Graham-Wisener, Lisa; Finucane, Anne M.; Hewison, Alistair; Haraldsdottir, Erna; Brazil, Kevin and Kernohan, W. George
BMC Palliative Care, 19, Article 119(1)

Sedation AND Weaning In Children (SANDWICH): protocol for a cluster randomised stepped wedge trial. (2019-11-10)
Blackwood, Bronagh; Agus, Ashley; Boyle, Roisin; Clarke, Mike; Hemming, Karla; Jordan, Joanne; Macrae, Duncan; McAuley, Daniel Francis; McDowell, Cliona; McIlmurray, Lisa; Morris, Kevin P; Murray, Margaret; Parslow, Roger; Peters, Mark J; Tume, Lyvonne N and Walsh, Tim
BMJ Open, 9(11)

Disorder and disconnection: parent experiences of liminality when caring for their dying child (2015-07-30)
Jordan, Joanne; Price, Jayne and Prior, Lindsay
Sociology of Health & Illness, 37(6) (pp. 839-855)

Weaning From Mechanical Ventilation: A Scoping Review of Qualitative Studies (2014-09)
Rose, Louise; Dainty, Katie N.; Jordan, Joanne and Blackwood, Bronagh
American Journal of Critical Care, 23(5) (e54-e70)

How does involvement of a hospice nurse specialist impact on the experience on informal caring in palliative care? Perspectives of middle‐aged partners bereaved through cancer (2014-08-20)
Borland, R.; Glackin, M. and Jordan, J.
European Journal of Cancer Care, 23(5) (pp. 701-711)

'Straight from the horse's mouth': rethinking and reconfiguring services in Northern Ireland in response to suicidal young men (2013-04-16)
Cutcliffe, J. R.; McKenna, H.; Keeney, S.; Stevenson, C. and Jordan, J.
Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 20(5) (pp. 466-472)

A Consensus for Change: Parent and Professional Perspectives on Care for Children at the End-Of-Life (2013)
Price, Jayne; Jordan, Joanne and Prior, Lindsay
Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, 36(1-2) (pp. 70-87)

Providing Meaningful Care: Learning From the Experiences of Suicidal Young Men (2012-09-01)
Jordan, Joanne; McKenna, Hugh; Keeney, Sinead; Cutcliffe, John; Stevenson, Chris; Slater, Paul and McGowan, Iain
Qualitative Health Research, 22(9) (pp. 1207-1219)

Comparing the needs of families of children dying from malignant and non-malignant disease: an in-depth qualitative study (2012-06-01)
Price, Jayne; Jordan, Joanne; Prior, Lindsay and Parkes, Jackie
BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 2(2) (pp. 127-132)

Living through the death of a child: A qualitative study of bereaved parents’ experiences (2011-11)
Price, Jayne; Jordan, Joanne; Prior, Lindsay and Parkes, Jackie
International Journal of Nursing Studies, 48(11) (pp. 1384-1392)

What is community? Understanding notions of community in relation to English palliative and end of life care and the Ambitions Framework (2003)
Borgstrom, Erica; Henry, Claire; St Ledger, Una and Jordan, Joanne
In : Palliative Care Congress (16-17 Mar 2023, Edinburgh)

Realising the Ambitions: Insights from how People Understand, Interpret and Implement the Ambitions Framework for Palliative and End of Life Care (2023-03-21)
Borgstrom, Erica; Henry, Claire; Jordan, Joanne and St Ledger, Una
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

Small Steps, Big Vision - Grab and Go Guide to support the realisation of the Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care (2023-03)
Borgstrom, Erica; Jordan, Joanne; St Ledger, Una and Henry, Claire
The Open University

Small Steps, Big Vision - Grab and Go Customisable Template to support the realisation of the Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care (2023-03)
Borgstrom, Erica; Jordan, Joanne; St Ledger, Una and Henry, Claire
The Open University

Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care: Mapping Examples of Use in Practice (2022-03)
Borgstrom, Erica; Jordan, Joanne and Henry, Claire
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

Factors that impact on the use of mechanical ventilation weaning protocols in critically ill adults and children: a qualitative evidence-synthesis (2016-10-04)
Jordan, J.; Rose, L.; Dainty, K.N.; Noyes, J. and Blackwood, B.
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 10, Art. No. CD011812.

Evaluation of the Children's Palliative Care Programme (CPCP). A jointly funded programme of work arising from Palliative Care for Children with Life-limiting Conditions - A National Policy. Summary Report. (2016-09)
Jordan, Joanne and Fullerton, Deirdre
The Irish Hospice Foundation, Republic of Ireland.