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Languages and technologies in education at school and outside of school: Perspectives from young people in low-resource countries in Africa and Asia (2023-02-16)
Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Giri, Ram Ashish; Dawadi, Saraswati; Devkota, Kamal Raj and Gaved, Mark
Frontiers in Communication, 8, Article 1081155

Preparations for and practices of online education during the Covid‑19 pandemic: A study of Bangladesh and Nepal (2022-01)
Dawadi, Saraswati; Shrestha, Sagun; Haque, Safia and Giri, Ram Ashish
Education and Information Technologies, 27(1) (pp. 243-265)

High-Stakes Test Pressure and Anxiety in the Nepalese English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Learners (2022)
Dawadi, Saraswati
Journal of NELTA, 26, Article 2(1-2) (pp. 20-36)

Factors affecting washback of a high-stakes English as a foreign language test (2021-11)
Dawadi, Saraswati
TESL-EJ: The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language, 25(3)

Thematic Analysis Approach: A Step by Step Guide for ELT Research Practitioners (2021-04-15)
Dawadi, Saraswati
Journal of NELTA, 25(1-2) (pp. 62-71)

Mixed-Methods Research: A Discussion on its Types, Challenges, and Criticisms (2021-03-01)
Dawadi, Saraswati; Shrestha, Sagun and Giri, Ram A.
Journal of Practical Studies in Education, 2(2) (pp. 25-36)

Parental Involvement in National EFL Test Preparation (2020-12-01)
Dawadi, Saraswati
RELC Journal, 51(3) (pp. 427-439)

High-stakes test impact on student motivation to learn (2020-10)
Dawadi, Saraswati
European Journal of Educational & Social Sciences, 5(2) (pp. 59-71)

Impact of COVID-19 on the education sector in Nepal: Challenges and coping strategies (2020-05-21)
Dawadi, Saraswati; Giri, Ram Ashish and Simkhada, Padam
Advance: a SAGE preprints community

Students’ and parents’ attitudes towards the SEE English test (2019-11)
Dawadi, Saraswati
Journal of NELTA, 24(1-2) (pp. 1-16)

Roles of Planning and Tasks in EFL Performance (2019-08)
Dawadi, Saraswati
TESL-EJ, 24, Article 8(2)

Effects of task repetition on EFL oral performance (2019-04-05)
Dawadi, Saraswati
ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 170(1) (pp. 3-23)

Construct validity of the Nepalese school leaving English reading test (2018-02-20)
Dawadi, Saraswati and Shrestha, Prithvi N.
Educational Assessment, 23(2) (pp. 102-120)

Language learning strategies profiles of EFL learners in Nepal (2017-10)
Dawadi, Saraswati
European Journal of Educational & Social Sciences, 2(2) (pp. 42-55)

The Relationship between Reading Strategy Use and EFL Test Performance (2017)
Dawadi, Saraswati
Journal of NELTA, 22(1-2) (pp. 38-52)

Mediation in classroom interaction (2014-12)
Dawadi, Saraswati
Journal of NELTA, 19(1-2) (pp. 47-55)

Enhancement Approach: Success Stories of EFL Teachers from Bangladesh and Nepal (2022-02-05)
Giri, Ram Aashis Giri; Dawadi, Saraswati; Shrestha, Sagun and Haque, Saifa
ISBN : 978-984-35-1922-1 | Publisher : BELTA and NELTA | Published : Online

Impact of a National English as a Foreign Language Test on Parents in Nepal (2023-01-02)
Dawadi, Saraswati
In: Khan, Rubina; Bashir, Ahmed; Basu, Bijoy Lal and Uddin, Md. Elias eds. Local Research and Glocal Perspectives in English Language Teaching: Teaching in Changing Times (pp. 363-376)
ISBN : 978-981-19-6457-2 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Singapore

The Impact of the School Leaving Certificate Examination on English Language Teaching and Student Motivation to Learn English (2018)
Dawadi, Saraswati
In: Hayes, David ed. English Language Teaching in Nepal: Research, Reflection and Practice (pp. 133-164)
ISBN : 978-0-86355-888-7 | Publisher : British Council

Socio-cultural practices affecting marginalised girls’ experiences of using technology for learning in low-income countries (2023)
Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes and Dawadi, Saraswati
In : CIES 2023. Comparative and International Education Society Conference (14-22 Feb 2023, [Online])

Promoting Inclusion at Scale with School Leader Network Communities Supported by Open Resources: Researching Participant Needs and Priorities (2022)
Wolfenden, Freda; Cooper, Deborah; Dawadi, Saraswati; Mazeed, Zahid; Ibrahimi, Munir and Shrestha, Sushil
In : PCF 10 Conference (14-16 Sep 2022, Canada)

Children’s use of technology for learning English (2022)
Dawadi, Saraswati and Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes
In : 41st International Annual TESOL France Colloquium (18-20 Nov 2022, Paris, France)

Impact of the Secondary Education Examination (English) on Students and Parents in Nepal (2019-11-25)
Dawadi, Saraswati
PhD thesis The Open University

Reading Strategies in the Nepalese School Leaving Exam: Establishing Construct Validity (2016-01-29)
Dawadi, Saraswati
mres thesis The Open University

Capacity building of school leaders on equity and inclusion in developing countries (2022-09-23)
Dawadi, Saraswati and Wolfenden, Freda
TPD@Scale, Online.

3MPower PEER Researcher Workshop Report (2022-07-31)
Hedges, Claire; Power, Tom; Dawadi, Saraswati; Rahman, Hafiz and Siddique, Nure Alam
The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Challenges faced by researchers when working with marginalised people (2022-04-07)
Dawadi, Saraswati
ReMaLIC Blog, The Open University

3MPower Inception Report. Mobile Learning for the Empowerment of Marginalised Mathematics Educators, Bangladesh. (2022-03-31)
Power, Tom; Rahman, Hafizur; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Siddique, Nure Alam; Hedges, Claire and Dawadi, Saraswati
EdTech Hub, London.

How we ensure participants’ voices are heard: Data collection methods (2022-02-24)
Dawadi, Saraswati
The Open University

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance through Professional Learning: The Development and Evaluation of the Global AMR Curriculum (2021-11)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison; Dawadi, Saraswati; Mcmullan, Rachel; MacQueen, Hilary; Goshtasbpour, Fereshte; Ullmann, Thomas and De Munari, Paola
The Open University

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance: The AMR Surveillance Toolkit (2021)
Charitonos, Koula; Goshtasbpour, Fereshte; Dawadi, Saraswati; Littlejohn, Allison; Badger, S.; Vaidya, Abhinav; Giri, Santosi and Owusu-Ofori, Alex
The Open University