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Dr Sandy Sieminski

Profile summary

Professional biography

Sandy Sieminski is the Associate Head of School (Learning, Teaching and Students) and joined the Open University in 1990. Sandy is a sociologist with a background in post compulsory education and health and social care, and social work education.

Over several years Sandy has undertaken a number of roles at the Open University including that of a Staff Tutor supporting Associate Lecturers, Qualification and Assessment Lead for Social Work, Lecturer in Post-compulsory Education and more recently a senior lecturer and Qualification and Assessment lead for social work. Within the social work team, she led the development the Open University’s Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Work and contributed to the development of undergraduate social work practice learning modules.


Research interests

Sandy’s publications have explored person-centred care and older people; the development of professional identities; ways of strengthening social work students’ understanding of the links between theory and practice; service user involvement in social work education and the use of assessment feedback to support students struggling academically. Her scholarship and research projects have included a focus on:

  • The pedagogy of work-based learning in professional settings
  • The development of professional identities, and the contribution of professional training and professional development opportunities in their formation.
  • Personal and professional outcomes for students undertaking a Doctorate in Education
  • Internal and external factors shaping the implementation of curricular policies, and their effects.

Teaching interests

Module contributions

K102 Introducing Health and Social Care

K832 The Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work

K113 Foundations for Social Work Practice

K216 Applied Social Work Practice

K319 Adulthood, Ageing and the Life Course

K832/K833 The Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work

E905 The Doctorate in Education

ED837 Education, Training and the Future of Work

E834 Leading Professional Development

EH266 Learning Through Life: Education, Training Beyond School

E873 Making Experience Count


E817 Education, Training and Employment

E816 Dissertation

EU208 Exploring Educational Issues

E872 Approaches to Adult Learning

E873 Open Learning

E874 Counselling


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