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Hospital (TV series)

This award-winning, OU-BBC co-production series shows how NHS hospital staff deal with the current challenges of providing healthcare to children and adults, including in urgent and emergency situations.


What are the connections between music and memory? (interactive)

This fun interactive explores the value of music in our everyday lives and how musical memories can be retained when other aspects of memory declines.


The Big C and Me

The Big C and Me was a booklet written by Mathijs Lucassen and Jan Draper to complement a 10 episode BBS series all about people living with cancer - This was a series, filmed over a year, that followed the lives of nine people suffering from cancer from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

Jan and Mathijs also describe what it is like to work as academic advisors on OU/BBC collaborations such as this one.


People with dementia and meaning in music (OL resource)

This Open Learn resource considers how music can make a difference to the wellbeing of a person with dementia and suggests practical strategies for music-making. It is a helpful resource when developing creative approaches to working with people with dementia or other memory conditions.


Music, culture and dementia (OL resource)

This Open Learn resource highlights how to make music culturally-relevant when supporting people with memory problems.


Our Dementia Choir (TV series)

This OU-BBC co-production series followed a newly-formed choir of women and men with dementia as they rehearsed together, in preparation for a major concert performance. It shows how music can give hope to people living with a progressive illness and help them to learn new skills and enjoy life.

Living with a Learning Disability (interactive)


Exploring learning disabilities: supporting belonging (free OL course)