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Ageing Well Public Talk Series: Ways to exercise while still having fun

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 - 11:00 to 13:00
Online - Zoom or Stadium
Dr Jitka Vseteckova

Rear view of grandparents holding hands with grandchildren on walk through autumn countrysideJoin us for our upcoming talk in the 2022/23 Ageing Well Public Talk (AWPT) series where we will explore ways to exercise while still having fun with Dr Jackie Richards and David Curry.

How do we build a strong and resilient musculoskeletal system and how can we have fun at the same time? Jackie will talk to us about dance and what are the benefits of dancing. What is creative dance and where can it take us?  Dave will share with us his journey of walks combined with his passion for travelling. We will explore how to exercise well and how we can also make it fun.

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The speakers

Dr Jackie Richards is an Advisor and Older Dancer, she has founded and managed a local creative dance organisation, regularly attends ballet, contemporary and creative dance sessions and danced in a variety of public performances. She advises several organisations concerned with ageing, adult learning, language, and stereotyping. Jackie’s work is encouraging active lives, new friendships, more community involvement and Health & Wellbeing.

David Curry is a Diabetes UK Service Champion, Middle Aged Old Goat (MAOG) The motto David lives by comes from the French philosopher Voltaire - “I have chosen to be happy because it’s good for my health.“

PLEASE NOTE: This talk will be recorded, so all Zoom attendees' videos and audio will be turned off at the beginning of the seminar, however, we encourage attendees to use the ‘Chat’ button to comment.

About the series

The Ageing Well Public Talk (AWPT) series explores how important it is, over our lifespan, to maintain well-balanced nutrition and hydration as well as regular physical and social activity in older age, also known as The Five Pillars of Ageing Well.

Ageing demonstrates most significantly when we reach a certain age, the usual benchmark being 65+, but ageing starts much sooner and the way ageing demonstrates when we are over 65 depends on decisions we make over our life span.

The AWPT series and related materials such as The Five Pillars of Ageing Well became the cornerstones of further engagement with the public, specifically around COVID-19 and the relating self-isolation, which are now available on the OU website and the Internet.

The overall aim of these series of interventions is to facilitate a step-change in user behaviour and support service provision. Self-management and becoming a partner in our own healthcare is an important aspect of these talks. This may have a wider impact on healthcare economies, as ageing and related co-morbidities have a substantial health and economic burden footprint.

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