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New policy briefs and papers series

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The Centre for the Study of Global Development (CSGD) has launched a policy brief and positioning and research papers series to profile the Centre’s work in global development and human wellbeing.

The policy briefs are aimed at policymakers and practitioners in public and non-governmental (NGO) sectors and will enable them to create policies and programmes informed by research. The positioning and research papers aim to stimulate interest and challenge researchers' and funders’ thinking about a specific topic.

CSGD Co-Deputy Director Dr Keetie Roelen said, “The series is central to CSGD’s aims to contribute to improving human wellbeing and making progress to the Sustainable Development Goals as it ensures that research findings are disseminated to a wide audience as quickly as possible, including in a format that is accessible to a non-academic audience.”

CSGD policy briefs offer concise summaries of research and policy recommendations based on relevant findings. The positioning and research papers present a position or research agenda on issues pertinent to global development and human wellbeing or present early findings from members’ research projects.

The first policy brief in the series, written by Dr Ayomide Oluseye, provides recommendations on creating more inclusive educational and healthcare spaces for pregnant teenagers and unmarried young mothers. Dr Oluseye said, “I wanted to highlight the educational challenges faced by pregnant teenagers and unmarried young mothers in Nigeria and see how we can develop solutions to these challenges.”

This series aligns with CSGD’s values on producing knowledge that improves the lives of disadvantaged and marginalised groups while ensuring that research is accessible to non-academic audiences, making it easier for a broader range of people to benefit from the findings.

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