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Ms Alison Higgs

Profile summary

Professional biography

Alison completed a degree in English before working in community mental health and housing projects.  After training as a social worker, she practised in a statutory childcare setting and then worked in a hospital team that pioneered support for adults and children with HIV and AIDS.  She subsequently spent several years working in tertiary NHS hospitals with adults and children living with cancer, cystic fibrosis and other heart and lung conditions, where she also designed and delivered courses for medical, nursing and home care staff and students.  

During this time Alison began working as an Associate Lecturer for the Open University on K260 (Death and Dying) and K100/KZX100 and K101 (An Introduction to Health and Social Care).  In 2004 she moved into full-time lecturing on a social work programme in an inner London University, before joining the OU in 2008.

Alison is a lecturer on the OU social work programme, based at Walton Hall. She chairs the level 3 social work practice module (K315) and leads on practice and suitability issues for the social work team at the OU.  She is a member of the OU Human Research Ethics Committee, having also served on NHS Research Ethics Committees since 2005.   

Research interests

Health care ethics

Black and minority ethnic students' experiences in practice placements

Student writing and scholarship

Professional identity

Death and dying/living with life-threatening illness


Teaching interests

Multi-agency and interprofessional working


Palliative Care

Working with Life-threatening conditions

Impact and engagement

Alison has acted as an External Examiner and external validator for undergraduate and postgraduate health and social care and social work programmes for fifteen years.

Languages: French and Italian


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