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Miss Anna-Marie Madeley

Profile summary

Professional biography

I joined the University in October 2020 as a full time Doctoral Researcher in the School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care in the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS). I am a Registered Midwife and have spent the previous 3 years as a Lecturer (then Senior Lecturer) in Midwifery, a role that I continue as an Associate Lecturer at a neighboring institution. Prior to entering academia, I was privileged to work as a senior midwife team leader, establishing and running a home birth team, commited to supporting women and birthing people to safely plan their care and birth at home. I have worked extensively within a range of midwifery settings including Labour Ward, Postnatal and Antenatal wards, ADAU and Community, as well as spending time as a Practice Development Midwife. I am committed to providing evidence based, personalised care for all women and birthing people, of varying levels of complexity in order to promote and facilitate fully informed choice. I have a strong analytical, leadership and project management skill set, with a focus on criticality, translation and implementation of evidence into healthcare practice.

I occasionally work clinicially as a bank midwife to ensure that my academic and educational activities remain grounded in contemporary midwifery practice, as well as continuing to teach across the whoe midwifery curriculae n Higher Education. I work as a Resusitation Council registered newborn life support instructor, and perform extracurricular support for faculty across 2 national charities teaching obstetric emergencies in the community and human rights in childbirth. Most recently I am engaged in work alongside medical and nursing collegues developing research and educational materials for improving and enhancing knowledge for undergraduate student midwives and nurses to provide safe and clinically skillful abortion care. 

Research interests

My research interests arose out of my clinical experiences with women and birthing people exercising their rights to make informed choices along their care pathways as well as the componants of personalised care planning. I was privileged to have been awarded a scholarshp to undertake an MSc in Evidence-Based Healthcare at the University of Oxford, focussing on the practice of evidence-based healthcare, study design and research methods, medical statistics, evidence based screening and diagnostics and qualitative research methods.  My thesis explored the experiences of midwives supporting women with complex needs (physical, medical, obstetric and psycological) who choose to birth at home. I have specfic research interests in complex care planning, home birth, empowering clinicans to provide safe and empowered human rights based care, midwifery education, homebirth within midwifery HE, critical thinking in midwifery higher education, and decision making in childbearing. 

My doctoral work aims to examine and explore why and how women and birthing people construct their decision to make non-normative (out of guideline, declining care or intervention/ requesting non indicated care/ interventions or social norms) choices along the childbearing contiuum and the underlying processes that accompany those decisions. Additionally in exploring these issues I hope to gain an insight into the role diversity may plan in decision construction and how this knowledge might inform strategic direction, policy and guidance. 

Teaching interests

I continue to teach within midwifery higher education and the NHS a range of subjects including evidence based Midwifery, human rights in childbearing, research methods, individualised care planning, anatomy and physiology, contemporary midwifery issues, emergency care within the institition and pre-hospital settinngs, medicines management, birth and home birth. 



External collaborations

Peer reviewer for the British Journal of Midwifery, Midwifery 

Associate Trainer, BirthRights

Faculty Trainer, Childbirth Emergencies in the Community, BabyLifeLife

Doctors for Choice, Curriculum Champion, Midwifery


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